Monday, October 17, 2005

Who Determines Credentials?


The Harriet Miers Battle between Conservatives rages on, and while the Liberals and MSM chortle at the scene of so many normally sane and respected leaders of the Conservative Movement descending to the depths normally reserved for Michael Moore’s rhetorical minions, and the hordes of the damned who sold their soul to Howard Dean and his lot. Whatever your position on Miers, it’s clear that things are not going as they ought.

The basic pivot turns on two points; whether Dubya is using crystal balls to make his pick, or relying as usual on his brass ones. The other question, and for me this is really the big one, is who decides what credentials are acceptable for a SCOTUS justice.

Put me down for the Constitutional style: The President picks a nominee according to his judgment, and the Senate holds hearings to Advise & Consent. Anything else wouldn’t really be kosher.

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