Monday, October 31, 2005

What Do We Do Now?

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One of the more regrettable effects of the Miers feuding in the Conservative Movement in general, is the way that specific individuals were treated. Without relighting old fires by pointing to specifics, grossly undeserved insults were thrown at Conservatives by other Conservatives, purely spiteful articles were written and broadcast, and once the nomination was withdrawn, there were many on both sides which wished to continue the fighting. While it is certainly wise to pursue ways to put the matter behind us, and to repair the damage done, it would be very foolish, as some are trying to do, to ignore that real damage has been done, and that victories in the future depend on addressing the present condition.

While it may seem arrogant to do so, I will take that chance and present my own name as an example. If one goes to Technorati and enters “DJ Drummond”, the responses include a variety of opinion. ApparatChick is very unhappy with me, says I am writing “screeds”, and Ember Days says I am no longer worthy of respect.

On the other hand, Antimedia says I am exactly right, and the Strata Sphere concurs with that position. Curiouser & Curiouser says I am right in line with his thoughts, and Red State Rant thinks I am correct.

An Avenging Cantelope (now there’s a blog name!) says “DJ says exactly what I have been reaching for”, and The Anchoress, in no way an extremist or fanatic, says “DJ Drummond makes some excellent points and probably is quite right”.

Am I taking those links to claim that Miers should have been confirmed? Not at all, nor am I saying the people opposing Miers did not have reason or right to speak their mind. However, the methods used, and many of the words chosen, have done damage, and it is very important to understand that I am not nearly alone in sending this warning.

The issue is not Miers now, but the Conservative Movement. Demanding people ignore the fact of very real injuries is simply not reasonable, nor would it be wise for people to seek to continue the feud. The question at hand is not an argument over things done, but the question about what to do to heal and regain momentum. While many Conservatives will find it easy to put this behind them, we have never had enough stability and unity to assume victory in key fights, which in fact is why we are still fighting so many battles in 2005, which ten years ago we would hardly have believed a Conservative-dominated Congress and White House would allow to linger. While we can dispute their number, there are Conservatives who voted in 2004, who are now inclined to sit out the next round. There are Conservatives who feel that they have been mocked and degraded, simply for their own principles, no less valid than the ideology which won the day against Miers. The Liberals, never reluctant to press an advantage, will certainly press this opening.

What, do you think, is the best thing to do to repair the damage?


Anonymous said...

How old are you?

I'm guessing 18-21. Am I right?

antimedia said...

I think the damage is much greater outside the blogosphere than people realize. I think there are a lot of angry women who believe Miers got the shaft, and they aren't going to vote conservative in 2006.

None of the "pundits" seem to have thought about that before "punditing".

DJ Drummond said...

No, Anonymous you missed it by a clear generation. I would suggest that anyone unwilling to use their name in such a snipe, is somewhat less than mature themselves, although that is psychology more than physiology.

Anonymous said...

Feeling dumber than usual today, Drummond? Want to argue that Miers was a better choice?

And if you are actually over 30 I am stunned. Your entire online identity is one of petulance and immaturity - and an infantile belief that writing 100 times more than anyone else is more important than writing something worth reading.

Your latest post at Polipundit was another classic sign of infantilism, by the way. Look, look, there are people who agree with me! See?

Such childishness. No way you are out of college yet. If you are - you ought to be embarrassed. You've always been the overly wordy, self-absorbed, self-indulgent, narcissistic weak link at Polipundit.

Have you never actually read what you write? It would be understandable if you haven't - more than a few of us skip your bloated diatribes unless they're under a thousand words. Which ain't often.

If I return, I'm sure I'll find another passive-aggressive self-important screed. At least you're predictable!

For the record, with every single political statement you make in the future, you should be asked this: IS THIS as accurate as your predictions on Miers?

LOL. You are way, way out of your depth, kid. Now tell us again who killed Kennedy?

AJStrata said...

DJ, The problem is the arrogance of those who assumed they represent 'conservatives'. I hate the lable RINO - because it assumes a class structure. Your anonymous troll here is the kind of person who keeps my feet (and my money) firmly outside the Rep party.

I see these wannabes all the time. I grew up outside DC in the midst of the power players. I can see a the swelled head of someone who finds they have some influence and notoriety a mile away.

And for the rest of us not interested in this game? Nothing. I am not thrilled with the Alito selection - we need more women on the court. Especially if Rove v Wade is taken on.

But, instead of attacking and making things up on the flimsiest of evidence, I am simply sitting it out until the hearings. I need tangible information and will not be speculating wildly on rumors.

Let's see what the rightwing can do all on their own!

DJ Drummond said...

Thanks AJ, I recognize the mindset of "anonymous". Rather than seriously face up to the problem, he goes into denial, rathr bitterly, and this can be proven by noting the insults and pique in his comments. he has not yet managed a single point which addresses the topic, or presents a point of view with an eye to improving the climate.