Wednesday, November 23, 2005

No Points For Imagination


The Democrats are rather annoying these days, as they try to claim that President Bush somehow misled America into going to war in Iraq, and that Republicans are corrupt politicians with no intention of serving the nation. Both of these attacks are not only false, they are no better than repeated attempts to pursue arguments which never gained traction the first or second time. One might therefore wonder why the Left thinks they can score with a proven loser, although the Kerry Campaign suggests that the Left does not fare well in spotting clear losers these days. The reason, of course, is that the Left has bought into the push polls in the MSM, and honestly has come to believe that the President is weak, and therefore vulnerable. Further, many on the Left, including their ostensible leadership, have not bothered to validate their own claims, or investigate the facts for themselves, lest they find out they could be very, very wrong.

So here we are, in the waning months of 2005, and the Democrats feel the need to say something, but they are not inclined to seek a tangent that might actually work, so we instead hear yet another verse of the same old lie and whine. Unfortunately, there is a segment of the population which believes anything they hear often enough, which the MSM is only too happy to oblige, resulting in a small but constant change eroding support for the President and Republicans among average Americans.

This could be a bad thing, except that the Democrats have forgotten an element they used to comprehend; the Internet. The two things which have radically changed the landscape are blogswarms and linking. That is, one smal voice is easily drowned out by a major network, but if enough voices carry the same message, it gets heard. And the virtue of linking, is the evolution of footnotes - it allows for a writer to support his claims with evidence, tied directly to his work. The lies are a lot harder to make stand these days, because people will demand evidence, and are far more inclined to make up their own minds.

So, I have a sneaking suspicion that this most recent effort by the Left will bear early fruit, but it will sour in their mouths come election day, as there’s nothing to grow roots on in these slanderous rumors. And what’s more, there’s no reason to believe the Democrats will reconsider their course of malice, since it suits their petty emotions too well.

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