Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Things That Should Already Have Been Obvious


[] Picking your nose on a first date is going to prevent a second date

[] If you are a wanna-be war hero, it won’t help you to be photo’d anywhere near the real article.

[] There is NO safe answer to “Does This Make Me Look Fat?”

[] It is not a good idea to challenge a Conservative President whose dad kicked your keister already; you will lose your palaces and family and power, and end up living in a stinking hole

[] “No Money Down” translates to mean “Huge Finance Charges

[] There are men who just look stupid in a uniform, while others look great in one.

[] Those who can, do. Those who can’t, are called Democrats.

[] If you are a Republican Senator, who largely owes his office and party majority to the sitting President’s efforts, and this is in a time of war, you do not stab him in the back by attacking him with the opposition party’s words, especially while he is visiting a major foreign nation.

Here is the Roll Call Vote of that nefarious regurgitated donkey dump.

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