Friday, December 23, 2005

Clinton-Appointed Judge Tries To Coerce President Bush, Demands Less Work At Full Pay


I wonder how many people realize that James Robertson, the judge who “Quit In Protest” over the legal surveillance of terrorist-connected international communications, was a Clinton appointee known for interfering in National Security debates, and who did not actually “quit” at all?

First off, a look at Robertson’s brief bio reveals that Robertson’s private practice work included the District of Columbia bar (not the most even-handed of forums), and included a strong emphasis on defendant’s civil rights, even where none existed in statute. Also, while Robertson has stepped down from his post on the FISA court, he has not resigned his position as a federal judge on the D.C. District Court, nor refunded even one penny of his salary. In actual effect, all Robertson has done is to demand less work for the same pay, and he got in a political swipe in the process.

As Hugh Hewitt noted on his radio show Wednesday, it will mean something if Robertson actually resigns his lifetime post and salary. Until then, it’s just more politics from a liberal unwilling to work in the system when it doesn’t go his way.

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