Sunday, January 01, 2006

Spy Quiz 2

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With all the talk about NSA "wiretaps" and spying on Americans, I think it would be good to test the readers' knowledge about spies.

( Answers to come tomorrow )

1. The first U.S. Intelligence service was authorized by Congress in

[A] 1947

[B] 1917

[C] 1861

[D] 1775

2. The "MAGIC" intercepts made before and during World War Two were legal because

[A] Congress passed a bill approving them

[B] All of the intercepts were made in foreign countries

[C] As Commander in Chief of the military, FDR already held all the authority he needed.

[D] Actually, the intercepts were illegal, but no one pursued the matter

3. One of the first federal employees to be fired for leaking government secrets was

[A] Tom Paine, pamphleteer and author of "Common Sense"

[B] Sir Henry Clinton, of New York, who handled supplies for the troops

[C] Dr. Benjamin Church, member of Congress and personal friend of George Washington

[D] Major Benjamin Tallmadge, who was linked to the death of Nathan Hale

4. Which well-known security business was founded by a man personally hired by the Union Army's Commander during the Civil War?

[A] Brink's

[B] Pinkerton

[C] Wells Fargo

[D] Lummis

5. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington's opinion of spying was

[A] He detested such dishonesty, and strongly punished any officer so engaged

[B] He considered it a necessary evil, to be kept at arm's length and avoid any direct connection

[C] He found it a useful tool, and allowed some of his officers to employ spies

[D] He was an enthusiastic spymaster, spending his own money and advocating the creation of networks

6. Unrealistic expectations from Intelligence is nothing new. Of which war did the head of U.S. Intelligence remark, "They expect you to be able to say that a war will start next Tuesday at 5:32 PM"?

[A] The invasion of Grenada

[B] The Vietnam War

[C] The Korean War

[D] The entry of the United States into World War II

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