Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The MSM War - Cleveland


The President gave a great speech in Cleveland yesterday. Funny, you’d never know it, from the response by the MainStream Media. Nothing on CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, or even Fox. Sadly predictable though. You see, the President came out strong and was compelling in his reasoning and delivery. Which is not the desired image the MSM wishes to portray. This of course is nothing new, which is the point of this column.

Many people have claimed that President George W. Bush is a bit of a fumble-tongue, unable to always articulate why he supports one proposal or opposes another. But how much of that comes from the filter placed on the President by the media? Just after 9/11, while visiting Ground Zero, President Bush made one of his best-known quotes, and it was off-the-cuff. Today, again we saw him at his best in the Press Conference. I have lived long enough to remember days when Reagan looked old, Clinton stupid, and Carter simply out of it, because anyone who has a camera in front of him at all times will sooner of later flub his lines. How much to Dubya’s speech, do you think, is not so much a matter of poor elocution and selective editing?

America is at war. Against terrorists, against Jihadist fascism, and against the MSM. We need to remember that.

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