Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thoughts on “Progressive”s


One comment I hear over and over, is that everyone in America supported the cause in World War 2, for a variety of reasons, and this claim is used to support the claim that the present mania exhibited by the likes of Michael Moore and Al Gore is a new phenomenon. Sadly, that is not at all the case. The notion that America was once united in the cause of Liberty and the fight for Freedom is a quaint but false myth. Throughout American history, the cry of the loonbat has disturbed the idyllic notions of the Founding Fathers, then the Union Army, and so today’s bad-smelling, non-thinking devolutionary troglodytes are trying to harass the far better men and women who are setting America's course and saving millions of people from destruction in the process.

Without dragging the reader through the whole of history, I will simply begin in 1910, and show the procession of protests, crowd-mollifying policies and milktoast doctrines which have made the job of the true patriot even harder. By 1910, it was true that many people saw the approach of World War I, and many rightly feared the fight. In the United States, it was often difficult to explain why the United States should care what Europe got itself into, and so politicians, notably President Wilson in 1912 and again in 1916, made a point of promising to keep America out of the war. Of course, when it did hit we were unready and the war still cost us dearly, especially when one considers the loans made by the United States in 1924 and 1928 to prevent economic collapse in Germany, which would have led to more fighting between nations ill-equipped for more violence. One might note that a competent force in Germany during the 1920s might have kept the nation from falling into the near-civil war which gave the Nazis their opening, but pre-emption of terrorism is hard enough now, even with all the history we have as warnings. Anyway, the United States was pretty happy to be an ocean away from all that, and things were great. Until the Stock Market crashed, along with a lot of banks, and many businesses began wholesale layoffs and so Unemployment shot sky-high at the worst possible time. Not only did this cost President Hoover his job, but both the House and Senate switched over to Democrat control.

Franklin Roosevelt knew where his power came from. Having swept into office on a Republican scandal and loss of confidence, he understood that he had to listen to the tune of the day. So in 1936 and again in 1940, just like Wilson before him, FDR promised America would stay out of ‘Europe’s War’. Then came Pearl Harbor. In spite of all the movies and common beliefs, there were a lot of Americans who didn’t think we should be in World War 2. Pearl Harbor shut them up, but not forever. Most people don’t know that Charles Lindbergh, the pilot who flew solo across the Atlantic in “The Spirit of St. Louis”, was an admirer of the Nazi Party for many years, as just one example of a famous and well-respected American who opposed the government position. By 1944, the war was not at all the universally popular enterprise we are told these days. If the Normandy Invasion in June had gone a bit differently, or if General Patton had not made such obvious progress by October, it’s entirely possible that FDR could have lost his bid for a fourth term. As is common in such matters, wars are generally popular only when we appear to be clearly winning. When the war is in doubt, so is the President.

After World War 2, America faced one of its toughest gut checks; the Soviet Union. The Communists’ plan was simple; when everyone else sent their armies home to their families, they would not, and so would be ready to take whatever land they felt they could hold. Harry Truman had no intention of allowing that, but it took every marker he could call in to keep the U.S. ready for a fight, and to step in when the pot boiled over in Korea. One reason the crisis over MacArthur’s actions was important, was because public support for the Korean War was not at all complete.

You see the trend. The abomination that was the anti-war movement against Vietnam cost the lives of thousands of U.S. servicemen, and countless more asian civilians, simply because the public deserted the troops and the ideals on which America was founded. It was not new, just more successful in depressing confidence and wearing away at our leaders’ resolve than previous attempts. And just as FDR had always watched the mob to see their mood, Democrats began to shift from positions defending Liberty, to positions dependent on the whim of the moment. Increasingly, Democrats began to listen to whomever seemed the loudest and the most unhappy. Where Harry Truman had been willing to stand up to the anger of outraged voters, Jimmy Carter put on a fake smile and said what he though they wanted to hear. Where John Kennedy had been willing to submit a tax cut, knowing it would invigorate the economy, Ted Kennedy now blames every occasion where taxes are not raised. And as their ideals died, so also died the control of the Democratic Party, and those who used to be called ‘Liberals’ for their broad minds and bright hopes, found themselves voting more and more for Republicans, and those who claimed the Leadership of the Democratic Party made sure to destroy the maps and rudder, and to get rid of their anchor forthwith, and so they celebrate the meandering of their odyssey to lunacy, as some new form of ‘diversity’, even as they demand compliance with their mindset and rhetoric.

There was a time when some people were angry because America had declared her independence from England. There was a time when some people were angry because Slavery was banned in the United States. There was a time when people were outraged by women voting in America. There was a time when equal rights for all races by law and actual practice angered some who thought Jim Crow was a good way to live. Such people have always existed, have always been wrong, have always been a pain and a test for true leaders to endure, and though they may now control the MSM and hold most of the faculty seats at universities, they areno more right now than ever before. God has always saved the United States from them, be they Tories, Klansman, or Progressives, and I depend on His grace again now.

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