Friday, March 03, 2006




DEFCON lowered to 3, Russia China NATO informed

EMP-PV continues

White House holds press conference to discuss POTUS condition, critical but stable. Details not released to public:

POTUS 2 gunshots thoracic region, multiple rib fractures, 1 gunshot femur fracture, near artery but not severed.

USSS 4 agents gunshot various, 2 dead 2 critical

THREE SHOOTERS, all dead by return fire:
Shooter 1, Middle Eastern male, uncircumcised, late 20s, athletic, 210 lb 70 in blk/blk, various scars, no tattoos
Shooter 2, Middle Eastern male, uncircumcised, late 20s, slender, 140 lb 65 in blk/blk, no scars, no tattoos
Shooter 3, Middle Eastern male, uncircumcised, early 30s, slender, 160 lb 68 in blk/blk, no scars, no tattoos

Condition and appearance of bodies, including dental work, consistent with Iranian but cannot yet confirm. DOJ/CIA work to ID underway.

MOSSAD says will comply with request, prayers for POTUS

Russia offers assistance, details pending

UK offers “anything we need”

Belgium/Spain/Canada offer prayers and support

No response China, France, Germany, Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Qatar, Mexico

USN reports battle ready, USAF reports in-position “both roads”.

Iraq reports no unusual activity on border.

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Ontario Emperor said...

Completely off topic, but if the terrorists stage a natural disaster in the southeastern US, you can't count on Major General Bennett C. Landreneau to mount his usual vigorous response. He's no longer responsible (assuming that he was).

Of course, in your alternative universe, Landreneau is probably the head of the Secret Service...