Friday, March 03, 2006

REALTIME Orientation


REALTIME will create informational updates tagged to the top of the hour, but will interrupt with significant information or substantive changes to previous information. Information will be reported as ELEMENTS, EPISODES, or EVENTS, in rising levels of importance. Information will be relayed according to Significance, Confidence, and Urgency on a 5-point scale, 5 being the highest. Information will not be scored if any of the three qualities is deemed “1” or “2”, but will be passed along if any of the values is “3” or higher. So, you may see information with a value like -343- meaning the significance is medium, the confidence above average, and the urgency medium. Or you may see information with no score, meaning that at least one quality is too low for rating, but the information is passed along in case it can be verified through combined analysis with other data. REALTIME simulates information collected from various sources, which may not be aware of other information or sources.

Initial conditions:

930 AM Friday morning, location Washington DC White House West Wing. You are a member of the President’s Staff, with access to the President but at a level below Cabinet or Chief of Staff. You hold TS-CI clearance, and will occasionally be present for direct Presidential communications, though not always.

You are aware from a PDB that Iran not only has the capability for fissile material enrichment, but CIA claims Iran has created stockpile of Plutonium (-443-). NSA and NRO claim SIXTY POUNDS (approx) of plutonium has been removed from reactors, purposes unknown, location unknown. This information has been shared with NATO, DHS, SEATO, request for HUMINT if possible.

NSA reports increase in chatter Tuesday and Wednesday in number of Iran SOG locations, but dropped back to normal Thursday. President Ahmadinejad location unknown at this time.

POTUS - Washington DC
VP - Cheyenne, Wyoming
Speaker - Office, Capitol Hill
SecState - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
NSA - White House West Wing
JCS - NMCC alternating, Pentagon

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