Monday, April 10, 2006

The Future of Latino America


Well, the mob was out there again this weekend, stomping around demanding that Congress stop legislation which might slow down the flood of illegal entry into the United States. As before, a large portion of the marchers were students, with a large representation of Liberal special interest groups. As before, the marchers had no interest in the facts, but demanded “Fairness”, “Justice”, and opportunity for “all immigrants”. The strange thing is that no one objects to those things for immigrants, but we do wish to have some measure of security for our borders from terrorists, murderers, and the like. And in that deceptive speech lies the fraud being perpetrated upon the Hispanic immigrants themselves, by their self-framed “advocates”. The way of these protests, if successful, would condemn millions of Latinos to lives of suffering and deprivation, specifically because of the methods used by these groups.

I have mentioned before, that I believe many of the illegals do not understand how the system is meant to work, and worse are lied to about their chances of being accepted here. This is for a number of reasons. First is language; if you cannot understand what someone is saying to you, you cannot participate in dialogue with them. For all the pride in Latino heritage, refusing to learn English speech and reading only denies Hispanics opportunity in education, work, and society. Simply put, far more people speak English than Spanish, especially in the United States, so refusing to learn English is to reject the opportunities offered by the majority of the people. Second is culture; Hispanics and Caucasians and Asians and Blacks who live in the United States often find a lot of common ground. Where laws are concerned, many habits between the races are similar, and for the simple reason that people tend to obey laws which they consider necessary and reasonable, and a consensus is developed through a sense of mutual respect and responsibility. Consequently, it is vital for immigrants to learn quickly which laws are most important and act in cooperation for those priorities and ideals. Otherwise, immigrants will find themselves outcasts because they do not act in alignment with commonly accepted rules of behavior.

This is the real cost of supporting illegal immigration. Besides the obvious dangers in allowing people to enter the country without reasonable checks to ensure they will be neither violent nor a burden on the country, there is the fact that such practices introduce a wholly unacceptable dichotomy into the nation’s landscape; people who are neither taught the standards of conduct and their benefits, nor are they inclined to learn to participate within their new community. These illegals attempt to subvert the laws and covenants of American cities and states for their own personal benefit, which is the conduct of thieves and rebels. It is not at all unreasonable for a nation to protect itself against such conduct, nor to increase security where necessary to protect the general welfare of its citizens.

The hypocrisy taught by the illegal entrant proponents is evident by a simple examination of their own conduct. People commonly lock their doors and windows these days, in order to keep out burglars and predators, yet these same people object to the government securing the border from the same sort of criminals. They want to be able to work for the wages promised without fraud, and to receive what they pay for, yet they object to the government demanding fair payment of taxes and measures to prevent fraudulent use of services and resources. They want to raise their children to be good and honest, yet see nothing wrong with breaking important laws whenever they choose.

If illegal immigration is not significantly curtailed, not only will Hispanics continue to increase as a share of the population (which is fine), but the participation of Hispanics here who are illegal and non-compliant with U.S. law will increase, not only as a share of the general population, but as a proportion of the Hispanic demographic. This is a crisis which threatens all Hispanics, because if and when illegals outnumber legitimate Hispanics in the United States, this will corrupt Hispanic values and ideals with the replacement by illegal and immoral practices, as already evidenced by increased gang activity, especially in terms of drug and gun running, by such groups as the Latin Kings and M13. Such actions will inevitably provoke a crackdown by government forces, which can only harm all Hispanics. Further, the conflict between illegals and law enforcement can only escalate, as the illegal population crosses the line where the economy can no longer provide ready employment and functional resources; the balance is already strained in hospitals and schools, and so a backlash is inevitable. In addition, the trite argument that illegals 'do the jobs regular Americans refuse to do’, even if true, does not consider that such jobs are limited in number, duration, opportunity, and location, and as a result continued illegal entry by workers unable to pursue advancement because of their legal status and poor education, especially communication skills, will directly result in an explosion of unemployment in those cities and regions where illegal entrants live. In addition, the social separation between illegals and Americans, brought about by the continuing refusal to assimilate, will result in bitter isolation and insurgent rhetoric, which in turn can only lead to a devastating increase in crime and violence; it is not unreasonable to expect riots, even insurrection, in urban areas. The problems which Mexico is facing today result from ignoring the troubles in its neighbors to the South; the United States cannot afford to repeat that mistake.

The sole solution to this crisis is to act now in protecting the infrastructure of the economy and state governments. A wall/fence must be built and maintained; sharp and direct penalties must be enforced on anyone who supports or protects illegal entry, whether the coyotes who make fortunes in human trafficking or the employers who choose to ignore mandatory identification procedures. Hispanics who are here legally must become involved, especially to help illegals understand the reasons for following the process to valid residency and citizenship. Spokesman for Latinos must make clear that while treasuring one’s own heritage is precious and right, demanding to supplant American values and laws within the United States is wrong and destroys their own opportunity. Democrats and Republicans alike must fight the temptation to play political short-term games in order to win the next election, and serve the country in the greater measure by protecting borders and government alike. And we the people must support the heavy lifters, and remain focused on the larger ideal.

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Harold C. Hutchison said...

The problem is that for too long, conservatives have decided to permit some very very shady characters to be considered as voices in this debate.

As such, the Republicans are going to have a messy internal debate that could set back Hispanic outreach for years unless there is something tangible for Latino voters in the deal.