Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Revenge of Jabba – How Ted Kennedy Wages War Against America

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I can’t say that I hate Ted Kennedy. I try very hard not to hate anyone, and in Ted’s defense he’s been through some tragedy and drama in his life. That said, I cannot easily think of anyone else in American politics who has done more than Ted Kennedy to undermine and devalue the American ideal and Constitutional standards. Therefore, I will say here that I consider Ted Kennedy an especially pernicious enemy of the Republic, and a villain in the darkest context.

It should also come as no surprise that I am a staunch supporter of President George W. Bush. In my eyes he is the greatest President of my lifetime, even passing Ronald Wilson Reagan, who before 2001 held that position so firmly that second place in the standings could not be seen. The War on Terror, the all-out resolution to settle matters in Afghanistan and Iraq, the tax cuts, the courage to take on Social Security reform, two outstanding Supreme Court selections and many outstanding Federal court appointments, and the tenacity to attempt broad reforms in many other arenas makes Bush a truly significant leader and visionary. The present whiners and fair-weather supporters do not detract from his accomplishments in the slightest. Dubya has his faults, of course. He has difficulty at times confirming that he understands the public mood, and even when he is fully in command of an issue, he often must be understood by what he does, because his elocution is clumsy. A bit like Moses in that respect, but I digress… I have been trying to sort out what it is, precisely, which prevents President Bush from being plainly understood and his proposals being seriously considered. The answer was obvious; Senator Kennedy was insinuating himself into every debate like Jabba the Hutt making a wager, in such a way as to suggest that he agreed with the President, thereby invalidating Bush’s position from serious counsel. The first time Jabba did this was when Bush began to propose a means to reform public education. Senator Jabba attached himself to the issue, and conned many leading Republicans into supporting not Dubya’s initial ideas, but the perverted version spun by the Hutt from Massachusetts. The result turned “No Child Left Behind” into ‘Ted Kennedy’s Sabotage Delight'. Seeing the success of his mission, Jabba has worked relentlessly against Dubya and against America, all the while pretending to embrace serious discussion. And this is his mietre again, in addressing the Illegals question.

The New York Times is worried about Kennedy’s “drive to strike a deal with Republicans", comparing the demands of illegal aliens to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Utter garbage to be sure, but it shows that even the Times has noticed Kennedy’s attempts to pull Republicans into his orbit. A word to President Bush, if I may – keep Ted Kennedy’s tentacles off your plans, please, and direct the GOP to steer clear of Senator Jabba’s company.

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