Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Adventures of President Ross

In an earlier article, I addressed what I considered the development of what I call Modern Political Madness, and in that review I naturally covered the 1992 U.S. Presidential election. A number of readers pointed out the influence of Ross Perot in that election. I left Perot out at the time, because I wanted to focus on the Republican-Democrat divide, but as it is true that the little rich man led for the early part of 1992, right up to a well-publicized weird-out on national television, the question may well be asked - What if Perot had won in 1992?

I will be chewing on that question for a future column, but throw it out here for your own comments, if any.


Anna said...

That is an interesting thought. Until his little breakdown, there were so very valid points he made. He seemed very no-nonesense, but then, well, his train derailed.

Steve Falcon said...

I can answer that question easily, DJ. He would've been a one-termer

However, he would have also saved us the embarassment of the Clinton years.

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dj said...

thanks for this idea.

Anonymous said...

He could have ALSO saved us the embarassment of the Clinton years by not running.