Saturday, July 29, 2006

By the Grace of God

Robert Novak has a new column up in which he says Al Gore’s stock for a 2008 Presidential campaign is rising fast. This is attributed to the “success” of his film touting Global Warming. The film has garnered $18.79 million in gross revenue so far, well below the numbers needed to call it a “hit”. I would be reluctant to suggest, therefore, that his movie in any way makes Gore a viable candidate. It is strange, given the intemperate nature of the man and his peculiar habit of blaming America when speaking to foreign audiences. To say nothing of his maniacal rants on-stage at times.

Several major polls agree that Gore could get the ticket again. I have to say I love that list. Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards, John Kerry … any of these would help America wake up to the fact that Democrats are far more interested in the welfare of their party and personal self-interest than in the needs and priorities of Americans. Any of these candidates would sharply remind us that there are people who woke up on 9/11, and others who want to pretend it never happened, and one national party for security and another for running away. By the grace of God, it seems America will again be spared from the Democrat’s notion of leadership. There are, to be sure, qualified and competent individuals in the Democratic Party, but once again the DNC refuses to even give them a look. Given the preponderant values held by Democrats these days, it is indeed a blessing from God to be spared their intentions coming to fruition.


Anonymous said...

Amen - we were spared in the last two elections - I pray we are spared again!

Skymuse said...

I'm torn on this whole concept.

On one hand, Gore/Kerry/Clinton/Edwards are exactly as you say -- a virtual guarantee of continued Republican dominance.

On the other hand, the longer the Democratic party continues to support this sort of candidate, the longer it will be before they are a viable opposition party and therefore the longer it will take before Republicans can clean house.

We are undergoing this debate right now in GA-4: there are those who want to leave McKinney in place as a picture of the modern democrat, and then there are the rest of us who just want her gone.

Despite my long-term view of supporting Republicans at any cost, it is disheartening to be voting against one party as opposed to voting for the other.