Thursday, May 24, 2007

MLP Round 030

Game Scores:

Washington at Madison, 38-25 Washington
Grant at Ford, 35-25 Ford
Harding at McKinley, 37-24 McKinley
L Johnson at GW Bush, 36-20 GW Bush
Lincoln at Reagan, 37-31 Lincoln
Hayes at T Roosevelt, 33-26 TR
Truman at Polk, 32-30 Polk
Fillmore at Taylor, 34-30 Fillmore
Jefferson at Wilson, 29-25 Jefferson
J Adams at A Johnson, 28-19 J Adams
F Roosevelt at Taft, 30-29 Taft
Eisenhower at Carter, 29-26 Ike
Monroe at Coolidge, 27-22 Monroe
Kennedy at B Harrison, 30-22 JFK
Garfield at Cleveland, 31-29 Cleveland
Arthur at JQ Adams, 29-27 Arthur
Jackson at Van Buren, 29-23 Jackson
Nixon at Hoover, 26-25 Hoover
GH Bush at Clinton, 31-25 GH Bush
Tyler at Pierce, 25-22 Tyler
Buchanan at W Harrison, 35-23 W Harrison

Three Presidents have one loss, another 2 have 2 losses, another 1 has 2 wins, and one President has one win.