Sunday, May 27, 2007

MLP Round 032

Game Scores:

Washington at Reagan, 36-35 Reagan
Eisenhower at Ford, 35-33 Ford
McKinley at Nixon, 37-30 McKinley
GW Bush at Monroe, 36-30 GW Bush
Lincoln at W Harrison, 31-25 Lincoln
Grant at T Roosevelt, 33-25 TR
Polk at Kennedy, 32-30 JFK
Buchanan at Fillmore, 31-21 Fillmore
Hoover at Jefferson, 34-25 Jefferson
J Adams at Truman, 32-29 Truman
Hayes at Taylor, 30-29 Taylor
F Roosevelt at Harding, 31-27 FDR
Cleveland at Van Buren, 30-23 Cleveland
Arthur at Taft, 30-26 Taft
Tyler at JQ Adams, 29-27 Tyler
Garfield at Pierce, 32-22 Garfield
Jackson at A Johnson, 34-19 Jackson
Wilson at GH Bush, 28-21 GH Bush
Clinton at Madison, 29-25 Clinton
Coolidge at Carter, 28-26 Coolidge
B Harrison at L Johnson, 25-21 B Harrison

Two Presidents have one loss, another two have 2 losses, another one has 2 wins, and one President has one win.

The new Rankings are as follows:

After Thirty-Two Rounds

.1. McKinley (31-1) beats Truman, Harding, JFK, Nixon
.2. GW Bush (31-1) beats Nixon, LBJ, Jefferson, Monroe
.3. Lincoln (30-2) beats Ford, Reagan, TR, W Harrison
.4. Ford (29-3) beats Grant, Ike, loses to Lincoln, Washington
.5. Washington (30-2) beats Carter, Madison, Ford, loses to Reagan
.6. Reagan (28-4) beats Hayes, Grant, Washington, loses to Lincoln
.7. Teddy Roosevelt (28-4) beats Buch, Hayes, Grant, loses to Lincoln
.8. Jefferson (25-7) beats Cool, Wilson, Hoover, loses to GW Bush
.9. Polk (25-7) beats Taft, Truman, Harding, loses to JFK
.10. Fillmore (23-9) beats W Harrison, Taylor, Garfield, Buchanan

.11. FDR (22-10) beats A Johnson, Truman, Harding, loses to Taft
.12. JFK (22-10) beats Hoover, B Harr, Polk, loses to McKinley
.13. Truman (21-11) beats J Adams, loses to McKinley, Polk, FDR
.14. Cleveland (20-12) beats Tyler, Garfield, Pierce, Van Buren
.15. Taylor (20-12) beats Garfield, Buch, Hayes, loses to Fillmore
.16. J Adams (21-11) beats A Johnson, loses to JQA, Taft, Truman
.17. Eisenhower (19-13) beats GH Bush, Carter, Mad, loses to Ford
.18. Monroe (19-13) beats Clinton, Cool, loses to Wilson, GW Bush
.19. Jackson (18-14) beats Pierce, Van Buren, A John, loses to JQA
.20. Taft (17-15) beats FDR, J Adams, Arthur, loses to Polk

.21. Tyler (15-17) beats Pierce, Van Buren, JQA, loses to JFK
.22. Nixon (16-16) beats B Harr, loses to GW Bush, Hoover, McKinley
.23. Garfield (14-18) beats Pierce, loses to Taylor, Cleveland, Fillmore
.24. GH Bush (13-19) beats Clinton, Coolidge, Wilson, loses to Ike
.25. JQ Adams (14-18) beats J Adams, Jackson, loses to Arthur, Tyler
.26. Hayes (14-18) beats W Harr, loses to Reagan, TR, Taylor
.27. Arthur (12-20) beats JQA, A Johnson, loses to Van Buren, Taft
.28. Clinton (9-23) beats Carter, Madison ,loses to Monroe, GH Bush
.29. W Harrison (10-22) beats Buch, loses to Fillmore, Hayes, Lincoln
.30. Wilson (9-23) beats LBJ, Monroe. loses to Jefferson, GH Bush

.31. Grant (9-23) beats Madison, loses to Ford, Reagan, TR
.32. Harding (9-23) beats B Harrison, loses to McKinley, Polk, FDR
.33. Carter (9-23) loses to Washington, Ike, Clinton, Coolidge
.34. Madison (8-24) loses to Grant, Washington, Ike, Clinton
.35. B Harrison (6-26) beats LBJ, loses to Harding, JFK, Nixon
.36. Coolidge (5-27) beats Carter, loses to Jeff. Monroe, GH Bush
.37. LBJ (5-27) beats Hoover, loses to Wilson, GW Bush, B Harr
.38. Buchanan (5-27) loses to TR, W Harr, Taylor, Fillmore
.39. Hoover (4-28) beats Nixon, loses to JFK, LBJ, Jefferson
.40. Van Buren (4-28) beats Arthur, loses to Jackson, Tyler, Cleve
.41. Pierce (2-30) loses to Jackson, Tyler, Cleveland, Garfield
.42. A Johnson (1-31) loses to FDR, J Adams, Arthur, Jackson

For those who have been noting President Carter's rather disapproving verdict of George W. Bush, many have claimed that President Carter is, in fact, the worst of our Presidents. At this time, and with a 146-game season things could change, President Carter has a record of 9 wins and 23 losses, and is ranked 33rd on my list. Not an especially proud accomplishment, but far from the worst. My rankings should be taken with the knowledge that all polls have some degree of bias, but also that I did my level best to quantify abilities and term priorities prior to any potential match-ups.


Barzai said...

Well, color me baffled: any system that rates Andrew Johnson--who tried, however vainly, to implement Lincoln's Reconstruction policies despite the virulent opposition of a Radical-Republican Congress--lower than James Buchanan, the man who didn't lift a finger to stop the Civil War in the first place, is--how shall we put it delicately?--suspect in my eyes, and I imagine would be in the eyes of most serious historians also.

No offense and all.

epador said...

I'm a rooting for TR. He still hasn't used his Big Stick yet...