Saturday, October 30, 2004

A Comment on Comments

I've been reading a lot of comments lately from all sorts of readers. I have also been getting a lot of mail, from readers who want a more direct approach. Come to that, my virus filter has been more busy than usual, suggesting that some others prefer a more malicious approach to expressing themselves (remember that, if you start up your own blog).

Many of the comments have been entertaining, and some quite intriguing for their perspectives and observations. But I also read a lot of notes and posts from people on both ends of the range, suggesting that they respected and enjoyed my work - as long as I agreed with them. To these, there is something wrong with having my own opinion, and they reject my positions out of hand, simply for being different from their own opinion. Tough tookies. I write my opinion honestly, neither forgetting the President's errors, nor excusing the thuggish tactics shown by the Democrats in this campaign. If this is a problem for you, well, there's plenty of sites which only consider the Hard Left or the Far Right, where maturity is not expected nor encouraged, or where honesty is considered an unfortunate lapse in message.

It is entirely possible that Senator Kerry will win. While I do not believe this will happen, if it does, Kerry will be the legitimately-elected President, and I will post my opinion acording to his performance, giving credit or fault as appropriate. In such a case, I will be interested to see which of his many contradictory promises John Kerry will keep, if any.

It is likely, I deem, that President Bush will win re-election. Well enough, and in this election I certainly think we have been presented no rational alternative to the sitting President. But that does not mean that I will give Dubya a pass on whatever he wants to do. Whether we are talking about the War on Terrorism, the Economy, Deficit, Taxes, Immigration, Judicial Appointments, or any of countless potential crises, I will be writing from my own perspective on the virtue or foolishness of his acts in a second term.

I have every intention of being as opinionated and wordy over the next four years, as I have been in the past few months. If you find my articles reasonable, thanks and plan on more on that level. If you find my honesty too blunt for your taste, then that's your matter.

As always, thanks to my readers and also for your comments.

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