Sunday, October 24, 2004

Lessons From Lawyers

We are told, over and over again, about how partisan this election is, and how we can't trust the other side. While there are some mean and petty types out there (and yes, I figure about 98% of the really bad guys are Democrats this time), I don't buy the idea that the average citizen is some mind-controlled robot or deluded fanatic. As evidence, take a look at the recent court decisions.

Yes, it's true that Senator Kerry has sent out teams of "pre-emptive strike" lawyers, like the ninjas in countless bad movies, but the results so far have been encouraging. Courts in Ohio, Michigan, and Florida have all upheld state law preventing funny business with provisional ballots, and in short, have told the lawyers that they are distinctly not inclined to repeat the shenanigans that ran the 2000 Election into absurdity. yes, one partisan judge tried to subvert the law in Ohio, but the Appeals Court spanked him for it almost immediately. And the Florida Supreme Court, the same guys who tried to sneak the state for Al Gore, unanimously rejected the notion of messing with Florida election law this year.

There is sanity, at least signs of it, at work this year. And that is very good for all of us.

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