Wednesday, October 27, 2004

How Texas Does Landslides (originally posted Aug 27)

Some November 3rd Conversations...

Pic 1: "I don't believe it!

"OK, I lost to Bush, I can deal with that. But then, he takes out the mansion, the lake house, the summer place, all three campaign jets, even the yacht! Tereza is royally annoyed!

"I wanted to sue him, but Edwards has plain disappeared.

"George W. Bush has destroyed my aspirations, in a manner reminiscent of Jenjhis Khan..."

Pic 2: "Ha! You are sooooo lucky!

"Bush trashed all twenty-four of my palaces, except for the ones he gave to his Marines!

"I not only lost my job, and all my palaces and everyone hits my pictures with shoes and feces, he has me arrested!

"You lost millions, but I lost BILLIONS, and now everyone in Islam calls me "Spider Hole Wuss"!"

Pic 3: Dubya - "Thanks, guys!"

Pilot 1 - "Hey, the oath we take, says ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC..."

Pilot 2 - "Yeah, and some parts of Massachusetts remind me of Iraq!"

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