Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Divide

Over the course of this election, I have noticed that many on the Left and Right look at the other side and wonder in so many words, "why don't they get it?". I have a bit of a better idea about that now.

Friday, I was chattnig with a co-worker. Smart guy, nice and pretty rational. But while we were discussing the Astros, he mentioned that he was an "anti-Bush" voter.

'Come again' I asked.

"I'm not for Kerry" he explained. "I'm just against Bush."

We discussed that option for a few minutes. In short, the guy said he just couldn't agree with Bush after the War in Iraq. The guy said he was sure Bush deliberately misled the country about WMD in order to invade Iraq.

'Now, think about that' I suggested to him. 'Bush was sure we'd win, right?'

The man agreed.

'So,' I continued, 'Bush knew we'd win in Iraq. So if he knew before the war that we wouldn't find WMD there, why would he make such a noise about WMD before the war? He would have known that would come back on him later.'

The man had no explanation.

I asked him what he thought Kerry would do about Terrorism, or Taxes, or any of the major issues. What made John Kerry qualified to be President of the United States?

The guy shrugged. That's right, he had said he planned to vote for John Kerry to lead the nation for the next four years, and he had not even one substantial reason to trust the man with the job.

Anyway, I pressed him politely on why he was going to vote 'against Bush' when the facts were as they are, and he shrugged again. 'That's how I feel' he said.

And that's it. Some of us will vote by how we feel, and some of us have thought the matter through. May God save the United States of America from people who vote, but refuse to think.

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