Tuesday, March 08, 2005

2005 Democrat Grand Strategy: Hide

During the 2004 U.S. Presidential Campaign, some observers noted that Kerry did worse in polls when he made any kind of statement on an issue, and so recommended he stay out of sight. It was enough to get him the Democratic Party nomination, and kept him in the General race for awhile, but in the end he couldn't ride the hide into the Oval Office.

Even so, the method was successful enough for Democrats, that now DNC Uberscreamer Howard Dean has taken it on as his raison d' lunacy. ABC News, via 'The Note', has noted that President Bush is "the 10,000-pound gorilla of American politics", suggesting the obvious message that Democrats don't do well in direct confrontation. So, says 'The Note', "Dean has largely eschewed the national political press corps since becoming chair."

Run away!

Run away!

Rather than admit again what they have confessed once, ABC suggests "according to Democrats familiar with the strategy, ... Dean simply doesn't have the time or inclination to sit for interviews right now."
Uh huh.



So, what's the plan?

Well, you could always tape what you want to say, then send it out to media you know is likely to be sympathetic to you (cf Al-Jazeera), and sure enough, that's what Screamy Deany did. 'The Note' relates:

"if the national press corps is wedded to a certain view of you, such as as your alleged propensity to say things that get you in trouble, simply bypass that filter. Dean has taped at least a half dozen interviews with local television stations in the three weeks he's been chair"

Nice to see they've at least learned something from the past year.

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