Monday, March 07, 2005

Picture Perfect


I'm not usually the superficial sort, but I found it interesting that Michelle Malkin has updated her blog photo.

Here is the old photo, and here is the new photo. I leave it to the reader to decide which is more attractive.

I sent Michelle a compliment on her new photo, but to be honest, I originally thought the new photo was older than the one she had before. Certainly, either of the two photos is impressive, and there is no serious doubt that Ms. Malkin is, well, a knock-out beauty.

Why mention this? Michelle tells her readers that some geniuses on the Left have mocked her appearance, insulting her teeth, hair, even her complexion. I'll admit they must have impressive imaginative faculties to be able to suggest such things, but it also goes to show how far from reality some people on the Left can be. I have always tried not to insult people on the basis of their appearance - it's petty and misses the point of articles presented. That, I suspect, is the point. Ms. Malkin's beauty is exceeded by her wit and intelligence. Since her work stands on its own merit, and is fairly nigh unassailable on the basis of any logical critique, her detractors have fallen back to the tactics of 4th grade, and taken to making up insults about her appearance, in the hope of distracting people from the brilliance of her work. It's not working, though. The fallacy of their position is only highlighted by their inability to find any salient point from which to attack. Yet they remain oblivious to this truth, as if hoping against hope that rumor and boorish spite will somehow trump reason and the simple truth of beauty.

I will admit it's a good thing for the VRWC that these dwinbles of liberal malfeasance did not focus on my own photographic congeniality. I kept my own picture off my blog, in hopes I wouldn't scare off my readers. Hopefully, however, my own work will serve to produce an image and reputation of reason, and so attract its own audience in time. I suppose, if I wanted to put up a really beautiful pic, I could let ya'll have a look at my little girl Jagan, but these days, that takes a risk I am not willing. For now, I will taunt the Left with reason and rhetoric, knowing their own is weak enough that it cannot stand. And for the nonce, I leave my own window a mystery, proving the saying once again that I have a "face for radio".

Meanwhile, if Ms. Malkin should desire additional income, it may be time for the good folks at Vogue, Elle, or Allure magazine to discover her.

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