Friday, March 31, 2006

Listen To The Lady


The Anchoress is always smart and relevant. So I ought to have read this articlebefore today. She says what I have been saying, but with better moral force and eloquence. Especially this section:

“We have to think long and hard about what it means - and what it will FEEL like - to gather people together at gunpoint and put them on trains to send them to a place they do not want to go. Our intentions could be the purest and most noble in the world…that scenario still still smacks of history we don’t want associated with us. It sets a precedent we dare not embrace. I don’t want to see such pictures in our history books. That is not America. That cannot be America, if she is to survive.”

Read the whole thing. Then read it again. There is a secure solution, that protects the nation’s security while keeping alive the ideal of America. Let’s work for both goals.

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