Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why Republicans Continue To Win and Win and Win


A fellow writing under the name of ‘NanceGregg’ at DU posted what he considered a scathing list of issues which, in his opinion, should discredit the Republican Party in the mind of their base. The topics he finds worthy include the following:

· Assumptions that Bush is guilty of something, on the further assumption that he is trying to “thwart any investigation”.

· Assumptions that the Republican Party chose and “insists on using” Diebold voting machines, even in states and precincts controlled by Democrats, and where the machines were selected and purchased during the Clinton Administration.
* Envy that VP Cheney is getting his Halliburton pension, and that while he has earmarked the money for charity once he can legally touch it again, anger that he has not broke the law in order to give away his own money ahead of time. Apparently, the laws governing the control of money held in trust is a mystery to the Left.

· Complaints, despite increased spending in their favorite areas, that the Government has not spent enough on Liberal preferences.

· The standard Liberal presumption of guilt for Frist, simply because the Democrats have managed to get him investigated. Not convicted, not even indicted, just investigated.

· Standard Liberal ADD claims that the reason we are fighting Iraq “keeps changing from week to week”. The clear evidence and statements continue to elude them.

· Standard Liberal Lies that Republicans are all about 'Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Business' (never mind Kerry/Kennedy etc’s money, I guess).

· Pretending Abramoff only talked to Republicans.

· Throwing up innuendo about Bush’s alleged lack of military service, while their own candidates refuse to release documents Bush signed over many years ago.

· Still deny the link between Saddam Hussein and Terrorism, even in the face of new compelling evidence that he was very much in contact and support with Al Qaeda.

Keep it up, fellas. The farther you take yourself from sanity, the more Americans see the Light and vote for the Right.

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