Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Corpse Has Assumed Room Temperature


A while back, I noted that I respected the site owner of Polipundit, for keeping contact information for the others in the group, even after our fellowship was done.

This morning, I visited PP as a courtesy call, and note that not only have the e-mail addresses been updated to include Oak Leaf and the former group members have been removed, which is completely reasonable, but all references to my and Lorie's sites have been removed. Accordingly, I can now in good conscience remove Polipundit from my own blogroll. Let me clear that I still appreciate the opportunity given to me for two years to blog there, and I wish the siteowner full measure of success and good fortune, once his sanity returns. However, as some of my readers have observed, the siteowner of PP has maligned the President in the falsest terms, and has waged a malicious campaign against his character for no cause. While every blogger has the right to state his or her opinion, I am under no constraint to lend even my modest influence to anyone who so engages in conduct which befouls the President, our party, and our nation as is the case with Polipundit.


Steve Falcon said...

I noticed that same thing, DJ. You're much more gracious that I would've been. You, Lorie, AKM, and Jayson made that site what it is. The least Poli could have done was leave you in his blogroll.

smh10 said...

Glad you finally did it. I admired your stance in the beginning of this whole mess but as time wore on, I could not imagine why any of you four would want to associate yourselves with Polipundit.

From a site which mature adults could read daily to a sandlot outside the kindergarten classroom. That is what has become of Poli and his are better than that!

Big Mo said...

Ah, Polipundit - The Daily Kos of the right. Well, we said it of the left, now we can say it of jerks on the right. Bush will keep protecting Poli's sorry ass for 2 1/2 more years whether the ungrateful PoliPunk likes it or not.

Big V said... used to be one of my first three stops of the morning but I haven't been there since a day or so after the meltdown. They have the right to say what they want and I ahve the right not to read it or support it with my absence. I've been here every day, reading and digesting. Thanks DJ.

JB said...

Polipundit flat out sucks without you guys. The blog used to be well-rounded, but now it's illegal immigration and the occasional lame DaVinci Code post. Oak as a guest blogger isn't going to save it.

It's become creepy over there.

Mark L said...

As with Big V, Polipundit was one of my first three stops every morning. Ever since it became Follypundit, I have skipped it.

Polipundit was getting just under 16,000 hits a day before the Monday Night Massacree. It jumped to 20K/day for about two weeks, but sank to just over 9000 hits/day recently. I suspect that it will level for a couple more weeks, then drop again. Sad.

Pete said...

The fact that "Poli" now has "Oak Leaf" (a lockstep member of his Amen Corner on the immigration issue) as his sole guest blogger says a lot. Sad to see, but all good things must come to an end.

FedUp said...

I have visited you everyday, and Lorie too. You continue your sane posts and they are always a good read.

I remember telling you I didn't think Oakleaf would be a good guest blogger here because of comments he made to PP's posts. I am glad Oak is over there and not here. He was MUCH to quick to chase off anyone who did not agree with PP's posts and wasn't particlularly nice about it either.

You are doing a great job here and are an enjoyable read. I have been telling my friends to come over here and check out your posts.

USMC Pilot said...

"Oak Leaf" thinks that his war college schooling makes him an expert on just about anything international. People will soon find that he realy doesn't have much to add to any discussion, other than talk about "order of battle'. Even then, it is too attached to the militaries strick adhereance to the book.

COgirl said...

If I visit PP, it's once a week now at the most. And mainly to just see if he's posting about anything other than immigration. He lost me with his Harriet Myers comments a long time ago.

His treatment of all of you guys just illustrates his immaturity and intolerance. And that includes the blogroll business.

Thanks for listing the blog that Jeanette, Kathy and I started. Hang Right Politics (Note the shameless plug.)

Jeanette said...

So much for Polipundit "working things out and getting back to you" huh?

Just remember I asked you and Lorie the Friday night before the massacre why you still posted there with the terrible things that jerk is saying about our president.

Honest disagreement is fine, but to call our president a liar, traitor and treasonous is beyond the pale and the amen corner over there is still singing. Soon his revenues will have to drop because no one will pay what he's charging with the hits he's getting now. I'm surprised they haven't asked for a partial refund since this happened, but maybe they have.

Did AKM move to Wizbang from Red State or is he posting at both places?

Keep the faith, DJ. You have many readers and admirers. I appreciate your work (even if you do get a little long winded. ;) )

DJ Drummond said...

Mr. McClure is posting at both Redstate, and Wizbang Politics. Lorie is posting at Wizbang Politics, the regular Wizbang! site, as well as

I am poting here, and figuring out how long it will take me to finish installing my blinds at home.

DJ Drummond said...

... errrrr, make that 'posting', not 'poting'.

Anonymous said...

I just looked in over there and noticed that Psychopundit had actually removed you and Lorie (and actually EVERY other blogger that isn't in lockstep on immigration with Poli) from the blogroll.

Sad. Truly sad. I'm still stunned at the "treason" comment.

And am I the only APPALLED that Oak Leaf is contributing over there? He's a freakin' military officer, for Pete's sake. (Yeah, sure it's Army and sure he's reserve, but still ...)

He goes on and on about his military service --- and now he's (the only) contributer at a blog that calls his commander-in-chief a "traitor" and accuses him of TREASON!?!?!?!?

How does Oak Leaf match up his value system with what he's doing?


P.S. Hey, Drummond: please tell me that since you're commenting on the DaVinci Code flick that by now you've at least seen it? Please? I can't handle any more intellectual dishonesty today.

Anonymous said...

"Oak Leaf thinks that his war college schooling makes him an expert on just about anything international"

It's highly unlikely that a LTC reservist would have been to the War Colege at Carlisle. He has an over inflated ego and is a traitor for posting at a site that calls his Commander in Chief treasonous. Poli will wind down as people get sick of single topic threads and narrow opinions.
I used to go there first thing every morning. NO MORE.

Anonymous said...

POli used to be over in the forties in the ecosystem ratings . . he's dropped to 75. THere have been certain subtractions from the site. I think we can see the connection, can't we?


SCGeeCheeGirl said...

DJ, consider it good ridance. The people over there are just little child that just want to whine, cry and stomp their feet instead of having a mature, intelligent debate.

Anonymous said...


Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Drummond,

It must be somewhat painful, and I am truly sorry. I noticed the incredible loss of reason building for some time. I used to write comments as 'boy michael', and was a reader for many years.

It was truly amazing to see fellow Conservatives suddenly begin to demean others, including myself, for not embracing the vitriol of this fine President from Texas. Certainly, a few liberals were pretending to support this folly, to flame the issues. But I was surprised to see so many embrace the isolationist rhetoric of the likes of Mr. 'Buchanan'.

I remember asking you, if Mr. Polipundit was actually serious in his extreme demeanor.

I still cannot grasp this naive concept, that illegals would merely deport themselves, if jobs are denied. Clearly in NYC, this is hard to take seriously. Illegals would merely sink further undergound, and further turn to more criminal behavior.

Nor does it make any sense, to allow the opposition to take control of the Country to build some unrest. It is absolutely without any logic.

Regardless, I wish to commend you, for maintaining a truly admirable level of decency, and fine quality of expression.

Thank you.

Adjoran said...

Say, remember all the bleating that the PoliPurge hadn't affected his traffic?

Um . . . seems that NZ Bear was busy with site revamping, and hadn't updated for a few days.

Now, in traffic, PP has dropped to 138th, with fewer than half his previous daily vists.

I still find it disturbing that over 9000 people tolerate that stuff every day, though.

owl said...

I still find it unbelievable how a person went that insane. I put it up along side anything you can find on the left.

Frum decided that Miers could not be voted up/down. Create an enviroment that divided. Malkin decided the President was ignoring her pet issue/book, immigration. She and Tancredo beat that drum everyday and this crisis was formed. Look at Poli. This was the result.

Malkin has done a lot of good with support for soldiers but has been hell on this President and the Party. I do not consider it a fair trade. Immigration was the hidden agenda behind 'fry Brownie' and the fake 'Dubia Port' crisis. It is ambulance chasing that is willing to destroy whatever stands in the way of the "issue".

I think more people live in the middle. You can be for closing the borders without feeling you have to exact revenge upon your neighbors. They talked themselves into a frenzy. They now come across as vindictive, mean, nasty haters. How is this possible? It is sad.

JannyMae said...

Yeah, DJ, I stopped by there a few times this past week, and noted that Oak Leaf is now doing most of the postings. I also noted that most comment threads have very few comments, another indicator that many people who once frequented it, have lost interest in the site.

With very few exceptions, it's become, "all immigration, all the time," and the spewings by some of the people I used to respect, are disturbing. Many are indeed sounding like Pat Buchanan, and are not merely anti-illegal, but anti-immigrant. I'm surprised that poli, who is supposedly a legal immigrant, would tolerate such extreme rhetoric, but he seems to let just about anything stand.

Anonymous said...

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