Saturday, June 03, 2006



Jed Babbin gets on my nerves. The last couple days, he’s been guest-hosting the “Hugh Hewitt” radio show, and running his act to give folks an idea of what Michael Moore would sound like if he was a Republican, instead of a terrorist. He has certainly worked on his schtick: the same condescending sneer to his voice whenever he speaks of the President, the same disingenuous assurance that he is taking a “principled stand”, whenever he tries to convince listeners to not support Republicans in the coming election. I can hear him as if he were portraying Brutus:

Stabbed Caesar in the back? Why no, that’s not it at all. Actually, I was cleaning my dagger, and he must have backed into it suddenly. About twenty times.”

Elections matter, you dope. And nobody elected you diddly, much less President of the United States. He’s the captain of our Ship of State, and if you want to cut him off at the knees, you don’t get to claim he has to earn your allegiance. That’s what the elections did, you hypocrite. Dubs said the same things then as he is saying now, and since he got the win in 2000 and again in 2004, that makes him the boss.

Him, not you. 62 million plus voted for George W. Bush in 2004, and you don’t get to ignore that election now when it’s inconvenient for you, anymore than John Kerry and Al Gore get to pretend they are really the President.

Right about now any of the Rabid Wing will start off saying how I am trying to silence dissent. Not at all. If you don’t like a policy, say so, and by all means tell your Congressman and Senators what you want them to do on any given vote. But disagreeing with a position on a given issue, or several issues, does not give you license to lie about what Bush has really said or done or stands for, and it doesn’t give you leave to attack the twice-elected leader of our party and our country. The man has more than earned your respect and support, and only the most venal and petty sort of person does not see that. And the sort of person who would ride the rise of the Republicans into majority, largely on the work of George W. Bush, but then threaten to sink the ship if they don’t get to set the course and seize conmand from the rightful captain, well folks that’s nothing but a dirty, low-down mutineer.


smh10 said...


You speak for many of us when it comes to this President.

Hopefully history will recognize his accomplishments as even some of the stalwart Republicans are jumping ship at a very critical time.

Look at the difference between H. Hewitt and Ed Morrisey on the issue of the allocation of money to the cities for Homeland Security.

Hewitt demands the President tell Sec. Chertoff this will not stand, while the good Captain breaks down all the nunmbers and explains why NY is receiving less this year. It is so simple to acquire the facts today but many just want to spout personal opinions.

We will see how happy these ship jumpers are when the Dems take power. Many I am afraid will have to be reminded of their words and actions over the past months.

I agree individuals should write their congressmen and women however, I think much falls on deaf ears now as they have proven it is all about "them." The minute the ever important poll numbers began to falter, over the side they all went.

Let's just hope there are enough of "us" to ride this wave and hit the shore running..I dread to think of the other possibility.

the Macker said...

Well said and needs to be said.

Adjoran said...

Well put, DJ.

I think Babbin and the other conservatives who threaten open revolt are being very short-sighted. Not every Republican voter is a conservative - heck, not every Republican voter is even a Republican. Some conservatives feel some sense of entitlement to dictate the outcome of every issue.

However, the rise of the prominent extremists is a good thing. If the Republicans lose by their defections, they will be cut off from influence in the party, as we will not cater to deserters.

If we win without them, similarly we will be free to disregard them in the future.

Good riddance.

SeattlePilot69 said...

I have been a steady supporter of the President but I feel the rage against this immigration bill is justified.
What difference does winning the war on terror, confirming conservative judges, tax cuts, or any of the other issues we care deeply about matter if the United States is radically changed or destroyed by legal and illegal immigration.
If you check the most recent Radio ratings for Los Angeles you'll find that four of the top six stations are spanish language. If we allow another 60 or 80 million immigrants over the next twenty years you'll see cities like Milwaukee and Fargo experiencing the same cultural transformation.
Those millions of new voters will have an insatiable desire for entitlements.They will not be voting for conservatives as Democrats or perhaps another far left party will have a firm control of the federal government.
I hope my predictions are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Not to be rude - but 62 million ain't close to what Taylor Hicks got on American Idol :)

By the way, Oak Leaf at Polipundit is now openly mocking you and your posters ...

Anonymous said...

And exactly why do the opinions of a tantrum throwing infant like Oakleaf matter?

USMC Pilot said...

"Those millions of new voters will have an insatiable desire for entitlements."

Just perhaps the problem doesn't so much lie with immigration (legal or illegal), as it does with the notion of "entitlements".

"By the way, Oak Leaf at Polipundit is now openly mocking you and your posters ... "

Me thinks Oak Leafs head has suddenly swollen to much larger than his brain requires.

USMC Pilot said...

Paul Hooson:

In case you missed my comment over at Lorie Byrd, glad to see you at both these sites. While we disagree on many issues, I enjoy reading the comments of someone who thinks before he writes, and realizes that we are no longer in a black and white world.

FedUp said...


I couldn't have said it better myself! The ultra-right in the Republican Party picks one issue after another to declare their line in the sand. If they don't get their way one "this one issue" they are not voting, or they are leaving to start a 3rd party, etc.

I say (and hope) that there are enough of us to "hit the shore running" as smh10 said, and that we win without the spoil sports.

Good post DJ, and good comments from others.

Jeanette said...

Great post, DJ, and with the help of us "gruntled" Republicans we'll hold both houses. This president is taking a beating from fair-weather supporters and he doesn't deserve that.

Keep up the good work.

kitty said...

My only post today is I LIKE BUSH, posted it after reading how Polipundit talks about President Bush.

These fair weather voters are naive.

Anonymous said...

outstanding MR. Drummond...

62 million plus voted for George W. Bush in 2004...

for good reason...

thanks for the post...

KITTY rocks as well.

the Macker said...

I welcome the cultural changes wrought by hispanics. Their family values, art, music and food are all a plus. However English must remain the language of government.

Both Reagan and Bush captured a sizable portion of the hispanic vote and this group is conservative in many ways.

usmc pilot is on target. The "notion" of entitlements is the root of the problem.

Some of the immigrant bashers have invested so much emotional capital that they've lost all objectivity. Others of them simply can't wrap their minds around the whole subject.

owl said...

It is Mutiny. Senseless destruction that is feeding upon itself. Or some could even be called "cut and run" wingers. They have cut and run from working out the problems. They have all the solutions.....they proudly proclaim that they are the base.

It is the dishonesty that I can not stand. They blame the President if they have a headache now.

Bush did not misrepresent his views on the Latinos. They lie about this. These screamers are so disloyal, I would be very concerned if they were watching my back. No, they will now need to stand in front of me.

I do not trust them. If this is how they repay a great leader and this is as far as their loyalty goes....they stink.

I do not want to hear how they support the war. I will now doubt it. That simple. Some have done great damage in the name of Standing on Their Principles.

All the 'standers' should take a good hard look at themselves. I do not think much of their principles anymore.

owl said...

usmc pilot is on target. The "notion" of entitlements is the root of the problem.

Correct. The Senate bill is stuffed with it. Nuts. The House is just plain mean. Nuts. These people have work to do.

Do they think we send them to Washington to hold Hearings so we can see them on TV? They need to stop worrying so much about their 'Grand Oversight' and show up for work.

Yes, work. These Congressmen need to work. Work around the clock. Work. Get their heads out of the polls and try to have even a smigen of Bush's integrity.

For some reason, the far right seems to think it is their way or open borders. They can't hear....I am not for open borders and I am NOT for all that PC written into the Senate bill. But I am not for their version of mean revenge.

Anonymous said...

DJ, That was very well said. Since I have never been a single issue voter, I have been willing to listen to all sides of an argument before I form an opinion. My real concern with the immigrant issue is that unless something is done it could bankrupt the country. No one is willing to talk about the financial aspect of letting in millions of people. When my ancestors came over there were no entitlements. I also feel that President Bush has been a great President. He was willing to take on the terrorist issue and not make excuses for them.

W.C. Varones said...

Throw the bums out!

If conservatives don't punish the Republicans for their betrayal of conservative principles, conservatives will be taken for granted and will never get anything from the Republican Party again.

It's the same situation as blacks and the Democrats. The Democrats know that no matter what they do, they will still get good turnout and a 90% vote share, so they don't do anything to earn the votes.

Throw the bums out!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the Democrats you put in office, WC< through your temper tantrum, will Open the border wide, invite in everybody, pull troops out of IRaq, enter one on one negotiations with IRan and give them a Nuclear reactor ala North Korea, kiss up to CHavesz and Castro, while SPeaker and MAjority leaders Pelosi and Ried. .

HIgh damn price to pay to make a point.

W.C. Varones said...

I'll take my chances.

Then in two years, we'll have the opportunity to vote for real conservatives.

Anonymous said...

No. YOu won't. Because the democrats you put in office will be _incumbents_. And incumbents usually win.

YOur temper tantrum will cause Democrats to control the house and probably the senate for at least four years, probably longer, and woudl put the presidency at risk as well> When you have president CLinton, I hope your "Principles" keep you warm at night.

Anonymous said...

Adding more: SO you will be happy when Ginsberg retuires and is replaces by another liberal - left judge? If two retire and are? THose are UNCORRECTABLE mistakes. 20 year mistakes. Are those worth it for the sake of a snit fit?