Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pride Before The Fall


I remember how I felt in 1979, as the Democrat-controlled Congress, following the course of their Democrat President, allowed the United States to fall further and further into crisis. Oil prices, national defense, respect for Americans, and the future of the Western World through American leadership were all put into grave peril, and I was shocked to see how casually the Left accepted these conditions. One reason so many people came to love Ronald Reagan, was that he not only set a different course, he did so when all seemed on a course to failure. Reagan never accepted doomsayers of course, though he had a few and more to stare down in his time. Certainly he had a rough road to the White House, as so many Republicans feared to support a strong conservative, labeling his policies and programs all sorts of things. But he prevailed, and only failed to succeed more because of the capricious Congress.

The same thing is happening now with George W. Bush. Yes, he allegedly enjoys the backing of a Republican Congress, though you'd have a hard time knowing it from some of their actions. And yes, like Reagan he has a few ideas which have been ridiculed as much by Republicans as by Democrats, though now as then these panty-waists insist that they support the President; their spittle only shows their devotion, somehow, to America. Then as now unelected sorts with bloated egos demand that the twice-elected President kowtow to their wishes, and submit that the Chief Executive has no right to exercise his own discretion or judgment. Then as now these false Conservatives lay land mines against their own party, and when their snares destroy Conservative opportunities and values, these villains will be quick to assure us they are only doing what is best; a bullet in the patient is the best medicine, say these sorts, even though History abundantly proves them wrong again and again.

I remember wondering why Republicans in 1991 would not back President G.H. Bush, forcing him into a situation where he would lose no matter his decision. I wondered why the GOP would abandon a President in favor of a clearly inferior offering like Perot. I remember worrying that allowing a Democrat back in the White House would be like bringing back Carter. The emerging details of the Clinton Administration are proving that such fears were well-founded, yet Republicans are whistling at the risk that they may be, through their petulance, handing the keys to our nation's welfare to the very people least worthy of that trust.

God help us.

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Big V said...

Nice article as always. I'd rather support a man like GWB with whom I have some disagreements vs any liberal. Keep saying it!