Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stating The Obvious


George W. Bush is honest and consistent. Every Conservative knows it. I said before that the same man who thought Harriet Miers would be good as a SCOTUS Justice, was the same guy who picked Alito and Roberts. In each case he picked who he thought was best. If that sounds gonzo to you, Reagan was honest and consistent too, and he thought Sandra Day O’Connor would be good for the Supreme Court. And it’s the same in every other decision Bush has made. No, he hasn’t always been perfect, but frankly no one is. It sounds easy to be wise and make the right choice every time, when there’s no pressure on you and you only see the information that the public sees. I’m not apologizing for Dubya, but I’m also pointing out that the same things about him which drive people crazy sometimes, are the same things he does and says which make all the difference. When 9/11 happened, Bush was the best possible man to have in the White House at that time, and when people cool down they will remember that. When he stared down China in April 2001 without any Americans getting killed, it was the same determination that he showed in facing down the Taliban and Saddam. And again, it’s not as if we would have gotten rid of Saddam and changed two Middle East regimes to democratic republics under anyone else.









Again, people will remember this later on, but for now they get worked up and forget all the good. they forget the tax cuts, they forget Dubya tried to fix Social Security, they forget his work against child slavery in Africa and Asia, they ignore his work to reform the bureaucracy at the CIA and to take effective steps to protect both the nation and our rights. Later people might remember, but for Dubya, he’s just doing the job. Just as he always has.

Do yourself a favor. Re-look at the issues with the understanding that whether or not he has it all figured right, the President is serious, competent, and honest on his position, and that should help you see a clearer picture.