Friday, June 23, 2006

More About The Illegal Alien Debate

Well, the jackals are at it again. Apparently, the deceitful game of lying about elected leaders, in hopes of destroying their credibility and obstructing their work , seems to be so appealing that Republicans, the so-called “base”, is trashing the President and all sorts of elected leaders, simply because they have not gotten exactly what they demand. Some go so far as to suggest that President Bush is willfully ignoring the problem, or even working against the welfare of the United States, for reasons unknown and completely at odds with the known facts. Of course, such people are useless boors with little interest in the truth or actually resolving the issues surrounding the problem.

President Bush has done a number of things in response to the needs of these separate issues, evident from the sharp increase in alien interception during 2001-6, discussions with Central and South American governments on the subject of cross-country migration to the US through their territories, and reformation of border security agencies.

The reason he gets no credit for this is sad and simple - people do not tend to pay attention to 'downstream' issues but only the top concerns, which is why borders and immigration were ignored by so many Congressmen and even Republicans for his first term. Also, people like Tancredo, who have turned a valid perspective and honest discussion into personal empires and 'face time' for influence advantage, have soured discussion and destroyed opportunities, because they refuse to work under the leadership of the elected Chief Executive, instead using him to blame for every petty arrogance.

None but a few have ever brought up this issue before recent days, and those jabbering jackdaws who insult President Bush are unaware of the many visits and discussions Bush has had with foreign leaders on this issue, and with Congressional leaders. And I won't even get started here on the number of people who trash Dubs before they even bother to read the text of his proposals, or confirm his actual position, if they ever get around to it.

The President is the Executive of the nation, not its lawmaker. All this stuff about 'he's responsible for not doing xxxx' when they know full well that this President at least allows the Constitution to be properly employed, and restrains the use of Executive Order to avoid confrontations with Congress, allowing them the opportunity to do their duty. These people want some mindless idiot who does what he hears the "base" of his party wants, without regard to its consequences or the effect it has on the nation or the construction of new legal consequences. Whatever their claims, they are asking, demanding frankly, for another Bill Clinton. Bush thinks deeper and acts on the longer scale and with better preparation and insight to the people affected than anyone seems willing to understand or grant.

The problem is that far too many people of strong opinion are not considering the effect of their methods. The defense by the President’s supporters, mocked though we are, is a natural response in defense of a man most unfairly attacked, by people who pretend to be Conservatives, which consequence is more likely to help the Democrats politically and damage efforts to find a functional solution than any thing else.

Tancredo is a good example. Once a voice of reason warning about a major concern and danger, he now refuses to even discuss anything but complete acceptance of his plans and allegiance to his personal perspective. He has shouted down committee chairmen and party leadership, and he has slandered the President through personal insults and false claims. As a result, he is doing far more harm than good to his cause, even if he is completely right in his plans and intentions.

And yet the Rabies Wing continues to deny they have overstated anything, misconveyed any image, or betrayed the twice-elected leader of the nation.


terrye said...

I agree. These folks are starting to scare me. There are things about the Senate bill that need to be change, but that is what conference is for. These guys are just making stuff up and demonizing anyone who disagrees with them, even a little. Tancredo even went after Pence from Indiana.

If Pence is not conservative enough for them then they are really getting out there.

Anonymous said...

Hey DJ

Nice to see that you are still sucking up to the president.

DJ Drummond said...

... and the people who come here to insult me won't bother to even put up a screen name. Real nice.

Eeeeevil Bastard Marcus said...

Good enough?

Anna said...

All I know is that I would be very happy if my Senators and Congressman would listen to their constituents! I basically had one of my Senators say he understood my concerns regarding illegal immigration and then he turned around and voted for that joke of bill.