Friday, June 23, 2006

You Can’t Always Get What You Want - If Your Name Is Zogby, At Least

I don't like or trust Zogby's polling, except to slant Left. So it is interesting to read his latest look at the Senate races, via the Wall Street Journal. The numbers are interesting, but the basics are these:

The Republicans hold 55 seats, the Democrats hold 44, and one seat belongs to Indecision. Assuming a 5-point or more lead represents a good hold, of the 17 races considered, Republicans incumbents are in good position to hold their seat in 7 races, the Democrats incumbents are in good position to hold their seats in 7 races, and of the remaining three races, two are tied (one Democrat incumbent, one Republican incumbent) and one race shows a Democrat running for a Democrat-held seat leading by less than a point. So even Zogby is admitting, in the numbers if not in his headlines, that the Republicans look good right now to hold what they have.


COgirl said...

I checked out the polls on the governor's race in Colorado as well. He obviously doesn't really understand (or try to understand) the issues. GOP here has another candidate who's been trying to get on the primary ballot. Court just ruled against him, but when Zogby took his poll, Holtzman was still a viable candidate and Zogby only polled Ritter vs Beauprez.

When I see something like that about a race I'm familiar with, it makes me question all of his other results. He's full of it.

Anna said...

Rasmussen Reporting tends to be most unbiased in their polling.

JannyMae said...

Well, if Pederson even comes within SINGLE digits of Jon Kyl, I'll eat my husbands dirty gym socks.

The other AZ polls listed show Kyl ahead 42-31, and 43-29, respectively, and I'm sure they are much more accurate than Zogby.