Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This Is Not A Drill

North Korea puts long-range missile on pad, refuses to declare its intentions. U.S. increases alert status, moves interceptor missile defense system to 'operational'.


knighthawk said...

It was near operational already, they just keep it in "beta" mode to keep any failures down played as well as to not kickup dust with Russia and other nations. I don't see this as anything more then a signal to NK, that we're serious about them not launching. I hope they do and I hope even more we attempt to take it out, even if we fail to take it out. The press would be horrible but the value gained from the real world event would be useful, and if we do hit it... well then Bush gets some major press, and Ronny become even more immortal.


Anna said...

KJI is crazy enough to launch just for chuckles and damn the consequences.