Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Elections Are Not Scientific

Tom Delay runs for and wins the GOP Primary for his Congressional District in Texas, then decides he wants off the ballot, then two courts say he has to stay on the ballot in a race he no longer wishes to run.

Cynthia McKinney strikes a police officer, yet does not think this will impact her political future.

Joe Lieberman, once a major name in the Democrats' White House hopes, is pilloried for speaking his mind and showing respect for the troops, and loses his primary to an arrogant extremist in a nice suit.

At one time, all three of these individuals were considered very solid in their elected position, both in terms of support and personal influence. Yet once they ran into trouble, their friends and one-time allies ran for cover and denied any connection to them. Small wonder Colin Powell and Condi Rice have repeatedly declined to run for office, and the field for President in 2008 appears to include only the demented and the extremely arrogant.

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Dan said...

"The demented and the extremely arrogant". Well phrased. I think we're beginning to find common ground.