Sunday, August 06, 2006

Religious Thoughts

I have been reading up on the Mel Gibson scandal. Strange to me, how a few words from a man clearly not in control of his mouth are deemed more worthy of condemnation than the deliberate bombardment of civilians nation by literally thousands of missiles from a terrorist organization.

But it also reminds me, that when one discusses religious thought, reasonable discussion, especially the sort where mutual respect is observed, quickly proves beyond hope. I have noticed that some people cannot show any respect to differing beliefs, even within the same faith. What I mean is, I have been doing some reading on the Biblical book of “Revelation”. Not surprisingly, there is a wide range of thought on what that book means, but unfortunately there is also a good deal of anger and hatred on the subject. Protestants blaming Catholics and vice versa, a lot of Fundamentalist accusations against “watered-down” Christianity, any many cruel and false things said about the Fundamentalists as well. After reading some of this, and considering the sorts of things done in the name of Christ in the past two thousand years, I am not nearly surprised that the Muslims now find themselves using the Quran to try to excuse the most ungodly and monstrous acts.

I have in mind more to write about the different sects and denominations, as well as a few thoughts about the book of Revelation, but for now I would just remind every one of us in Christ, that we are brothers and sisters, and should show our love for the Father through love for each other.


JAINPHX said...

Oh my G-d did you here what Gibson said? we need to ostracise (SP) him.They are killing Jews with missles, with suicide bombers,but thats ok. In this world words are more lethal than bombs,how did we get turned upside down.

megan said...

Our church did a Study on Revelation, Its on CD ... would you like it? It is quite amazing all the symbolism. I had read that particular book from 4 different Bibles at the same time... and the series at church was much better.

John F Not Kerry said...


If you do undertake your proposed endeavor, be prepared for an avalanche of criticism. It is sad that Christians can't allow others to be "wrong" about grey areas like prophecy and the free will/predestination enigma. Too many friendships and churches have been torn apart by people who insisted their position was the only way to go. Peace, brother, and good luck.

Big V said...

While I wish I could take credit for this question, I'll post it and hope some one can answer it.

If we have all of this uproar about Mel, how can anyone seriously support Hil-liar-y after her famous F***ing Jew B*****d comment? If words from a drunk man upset you then surely words from a woman fully in control of all she does should bother you more. Just a thought.

Anna said...

That is precisely why I enjoyed Michael Ramirez's political cartoon at Townhall. It's so ridiculous with all the other things going on right now!