Friday, April 06, 2007

MLP Round 003

Game Scores:

Lincoln at GW Bush, 37-35 Dubya
Coolidge at Washington, 36-25 Washington
JQ Adams at Jefferson, 34-31 Jefferson
T Roosevelt at J Adams, 33-30 Teddy
JFK at Truman, 32-29 Truman
Reagan at Arthur, 37-26 Reagan
Van Buren at Monroe, 29-22 Monroe
Fillmore at McKinley, 37-31 McKinley
Grant at Wilson, 25-20 Wilson
Taft at Nixon, 30-28 Nixon
Tyler at Madison, 30-25 Tyler
Jackson at Ford, 35-27 Ford
Clinton at Eisenhower, 31-23 Eisenhower
Polk at Taylor, 32-30 Polk
Carter at Cleveland, 31-24 Cleveland
Hayes at Hoover, 30-23 Hayes
LBJ at A Johnson, 24-19 LBJ
Buchanan at B Harrison, 27-21 B Harrison
FDR at W Harrison, 29-25 FDR
Pierce at GHW Bush, 28-21 GHW Bush
Harding at Garfield, 29-23 Garfield

9 Presidents remain undefeated, another 11 have one loss, still another 14 have two losses, and the remaining 8 Presidents are winless. New Rankings will be posted on Monday.


Dan said...

"Lincoln at GW Bush, 37-35 Dubya"

Tee-hee. That's cute.

Dan said...

Eisenhower?! hah - Is Don Denkinger in the house?

Anonymous said...

Calvin Coolidge's early season schedule has been absolutely brutal. I mean, where's the adjustment?

Dubya over Lincoln? Is that like Douglas over Tyson? I suppose home field advantage could have played a role.