Monday, April 02, 2007

MLP Season Openers

Today’s Game Results:

Eisenhower at Washington, 36-28 Washington
Ford at John Adams, 31-30 Adams
Pierce at Jefferson, 34-21 Jefferson
Arthur at Madison, 26-25 Arthur
Cleveland at Monroe, 30-27 Monroe
Nixon at J Q Adams, 30-27 Nixon
Carter at Jackson , 28-26 Jackson
LBJ at Van Buren, 25-23 LBJ
McKinley at W Harrison, 35-25 McKinley
GHW Bush at Tyler, 26-25 Tyler
Teddy Roosevelt at Polk, 33-32 Teddy
B Harrison at Taylor, 30-23 Taylor
Hoover at Fillmore. 31-23 Fillmore
George W Bush at Buchanan, 37-20 Dubya
Coolidge at Lincoln, 37-25 Lincoln
JFK at Andrew Johnson, 27-19 JFK
Clinton at Grant, 25-23 Grant
Wilson at Hayes, 28-23 Hayes
Truman at Garfield, 32-29 Truman
Harding at Taft, 30-23 Taft
Reagan at FDR, 37-30 Reagan


Anonymous said...

Are there going to be live standings a la

Go Coolidges!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the scores, what we need are the box scores. I'd like to see how they scored and if there were any specials like percentage of 3 point shots.

Mark L said...

I can't believe that Jackson outpointed Carter by a mere two.

Must have been a three-sigma bad day for Jackson, and a three-sigma good day for Carter.

Uncle JR said...

Well, a few surprises here.

Carter kept it close.

Grant managed to out corrupt Slick.

Happy to see Reagan take down the Overrated FDR.

Go Ronnie!

DJ Drummond said...

I confess that I lack the means to post ExCel sheets here. I used to have a scanner for that, but I have a 7-year-old daughter, and as a result I now have a scanner-like paperweight.

** sigh **

But since the Carter-Jackson matchup was asked, the "home" was the 1829 term, which was triple value for Constitution, and double value for Branch balance and for advancing US interests. That meant that in Military, Jackson led 4 to 2. In Economics, Jackson led 3 to 2 increasing his lead 7 to 4. In Branch balance Jackson won 10 to 8, making the score now 17 to 12. But in Constitution Carter enjoyed a crushing 12 to 3 advantage, making the score 24 to 20 Carter. In advancing US interests, Jackson took the section 8 to 2, for the final 28-26 score and win.

This illustrates what I meant about matching abilities to the need of the term, and that different skills have different weights in different situations. Carter would possibly have been an able President if he had been elected in 1828, instead of 1976.