Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thought For The Day

Saying you "support the troops", but refuse to let them finish the job of stabilizing Iraq and training the army and police it needs to defend its people, is a lot like saying you support firefighters, but won't let them go near a burning house with children inside.


Dan said...

I like the analogy, but I see the Congress as denying more gasoline to the Arsonist-in-Chief, and refusing to allow more firefighters to go into a collapsing building.

DJ Drummond said...

Now why did I expect that kind of lie from the Left?

Oh yeah, it's what they always do.

Mark L said...

No Dan,

The building is on fire. The fire started on 9-11. The current fire chief has gotten control of most of the fire -- to the point where the surrounding buildings, including the Capitol building -- are not going to be set on fire by those that set the original fire.

Now that Congress -- because they believe they are not at risk, and because they do not want the political opposition to score point by . . . winning -- are determined to pull out the firemen before the fire, currently contained, is put out.

Then the fire will spread again. It will even again threaten the Capitol Building when it starts spreading.

Not to worry. Even if the Capitol and much of the United States goes up in the conflagration, there are enough useful idiots around to claim the "Arsonist-in-Chief" is the one to blame, that the Congress that withdrew the firemen before the fire got put out will not take the blame.

After all -- that is what is really important. Scoring political points against the party in power. Not beating an enemy that will kill us as easily as they would spit on us.

Dan said...

Mark - The fire on September 11 was in another neighborhood, and Bush shifted the firetrucks away from that fire, so it's still going.

Mark L said...

Like I said, Dan, useful idiots blind themselves to what is actually happening to place the blame on the fire chief. It is soooo much easier than facing facts.

Get those fingers firmly in your ears and keep going "La! La! La!" If you are really lucky the fire chief will get the fire put out before it gets a chance to go wild and burn you.

If not? Ask not for whom the "La, la, la, sings. It sings for thee.

CCP Admin said...

Glad to know you think I'm a useful idiot. I don't think many of the Bush supporters are even useful. ;-)

Our banter merely proves the limitations of metaphor in persuasion.