Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Best Online MBA Schools (AACSB) for 2010 Part Seven: Undergraduate Out-of-state Tuition

This category is another pretty minor selection, which is why it counts for only 0.71% of the total, but it does matter a bit because, like the other tuition data, the undergraduate tuition rate often serves as a barometer for the graduate rate.

In terms of scoring, each school earns up to 100 times the percentage value of the category, so that in total a maximum score of 10,000 is possible. For this category, since there is a range from $4,738 to $70,000 for a year of tuition and fees, schools can earn up to 71 points.

Here are the ten lowest undergraduate out-of-state tuition rates of our group of schools:

1. Laval
2. Durham
3. Kennesaw State
4. Southern Arkansas
5. Louisiana - Monroe
6. Houston - Victoria
7. Texas – Permian Basin
8. Wyoming
9. Texas – Tyler
10. Alabama - Birmingham

The overall lead is now as follows (points):

1st: Texas – El Paso (1,939)
2nd: Texas – San Antonio (1,936)
3rd: Washington State (1,932)
4th: Florida State (1,931)
5th: Massachusetts – Amherst (1,930)
6th(tie): Oklahoma State (1,927)
Nebraska – Lincoln (1,927)
8th: Texas – Arlington (1,926)
9th: Alabama (1,923)
10th: North Texas (1,917)
11th: Florida (1,913)
12th: Colorado – Denver (1,907)
13th: Texas – Dallas (1,902)
14th: Florida International (1,889)
15th: Arizona State (1,872)
16th: Penn State (1,856)
17th(tie): Laval (1,846)
Indiana – Bloomington (1,846)
19th: Texas – Pan American (1,833)
20th: Wyoming (1,827)
21st: Auburn (1,823)
22nd: Durham (1,799)
23rd: Temple (1,721)
24th: Drexel (1,671)
25th: Hong Kong Poly (1,645)

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