Monday, June 21, 2010

The Best Online MBA Schools (AACSB) for 2010 Part Nine: Operating Budget

This category is one which matters more for an online school than for many traditional programs. The online student is dependent on technology, not only in his own hardware and software but in the school’s resources. Access to research and course data is critical for students, especially when performing real-time discussions and projects, so the school’s operating budget reflects its ability to meet that demand.

In terms of scoring, each school earns up to 100 times the percentage value of the category, so that in total a maximum score of 10,000 is possible. For this category, since there is a range from $1,768,743 to $90,020,515 for these budgets, schools can earn up to 107 points.

Here are the ten highest Operating Budgets for our group of schools:

1. Indiana - Bloomington
2. Arizona State
3. Thunderbird
4. Suffolk
5. Florida
6. Hong Kong Poly
7. Penn State
8. Florida International
9. Texas – Dallas
10. Temple

The overall lead is now as follows (points):

1st: Laval (2,888)
2nd: Texas – Pan American (2,839)
3rd: Texas – El Paso (2,821)
4th: Massachusetts – Amherst (2,798)
5th: Washington State (2,776)
6th: Texas – Arlington (2,759)
7th: Wyoming (2,709)
8th: Auburn (2,705)
9th: Texas – San Antonio (2,698)
10th: North Texas (2,695)
11th: Nebraska – Lincoln (2,651)
12th: Florida International (2,622)
13th: Oklahoma State (2,616)
14th: Alabama (2,612)
15th: Florida State (2,589)
16th: Mississippi (2,551)
17th: Georgia Southern (2,546)
18th: Texas – Dallas (2,542)
19th: Florida (2,509)
20th: West Georgia (2,486)
21st: Kennesaw State (2,448)
22nd: Alabama – Birmingham (2,447)
23rd: Durham (2,420)
24th: SUNY – Utica (2,400)
25th: Colorado – Denver (2,389)

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