Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Best Online MBA Schools (AACSB) for 2010 Part Eight: MBA Out-of-state Tuition

This category is one of the more important ones. For a lot of MBA candidates, the cost of your tuition is an important factor in where you go to school, so this category counts for a full 10% of the total, surpassed only by the number of concentrations, the average GMAT score of students, and the degree levels offered by the school.

In terms of scoring, each school earns up to 100 times the percentage value of the category, so that in total a maximum score of 10,000 is possible. For this category, since there is a range from $8,881 to $81,665 for a year of tuition and fees, schools can earn up to 1,000 points.

Here are the ten lowest MBA out-of-state tuition rates of our group of schools:

1. Michigan - Flint
2. Laval
3. Texas – Pan American
4. Texas – Tyler
5. Southern Arkansas
6. Rowan
7. Fayetteville State
8. Mississippi
9. Western Kentucky
10. SUNY – Utica

The overall lead is now as follows (points):

1st: Laval (2,846)
2nd: Texas – Pan American (2,829)
3rd: Texas – El Paso (2,811)
4th: Massachusetts – Amherst (2,770)
5th: Washington State (2,751)
6th: Texas – Arlington (2,732)
7th(tie): Auburn (2,697)
Wyoming (2,697)
9th: North Texas (2,671)
10th: Texas – San Antonio (2,667)
11th: Nebraska – Lincoln (2,628)
12th: Oklahoma State (2,580)
13th: Florida International (2,576)
14th: Alabama (2,569)
15th: Florida State (2,560)
16th: Mississippi (2,541)
17th: Georgia Southern (2,531)
18th: Texas – Dallas (2,497)
19th: West Georgia (2,478)
20th: Florida (2,442)
21st: Alabama – Birmingham (2,434)
22nd: Kennesaw State (2,423)
23rd: Durham (2,406)
24th: SUNY – Utica (2,396)
25th: Morehead State (2,376)

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