Sunday, November 06, 2005



Everyday is Armageddon, it seems. I recall in 1984, how Democrats claimed that if Reagan was re-elected it would mean the end of Civilization, Civil Rights, and worst of all, the absolute reign of the Democratic Party as the sole Authority in American Politics. By 1988, both the Democrats and Republicans emphasized that the coming election was the most important in a generation. The trend continued, reaching highs in decibels and lows in ethics in the 2000, 2002, and 2004 campaigns. Rhetorical hatred was matched by a sharp rise in physical violence, in both cases the worst coming from the Left.

With the MSM trying to tie the Bush White House into every conceivable scandal, and quite a few inconceivable ones, and the growing coordination of Leftist resources, we can only expect the 2006 elections to be the most vile and offensive in memory. Given the public response to the behavior at Wellstone’s funeral some time back, I am not sure that we shouldn’t just let them have all the rope they want, with only a careful means applied to be sure America sees the Democrats as they truly are, rather than the Truman image they have so carefully plastered over the face.

But get ready, because it’s going to be ugly.

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