Friday, November 11, 2005

Remembering The Troops


There’s The Liberal Way:

New Yorker Magazine Accuses The U.S. Of Murdering A Prisoner

Hollywood’s Latest Movie About Marines Accuses Them Of Being No More Than Vicious Animals

The Largest Liberal Blog Has An Open “Veterans Day” Thread That Does Not Honor A Single Veteran, But Complains About Health Care. The Next Thread On That Blog, With Three Times As Many Comments, Is Devoted To “Rum and Coke Friday”

Senate Stupidity Leader Harry Reid Discussed Veterans’ Day By Accusing Bush Of Lying About Intelligence Data Used In Deciding To Invade Iraq, Even Though He Saw And Approved The Same Data. Reid Had No Comments To Honor Veterans Today

And There’s The Conservative Way:

President Bush Visits Army Veterans To Deliver Veterans Day Speech

Speaker Of The House Dennis Hastert Honors Veterans As The Reason We Have Peace At Home

Michelle Malkin Simply Says “Thank You”

Captains Quarters' Tribute Includes A Photo Of the U.S. Flag Which Flew Above The Pentagon On 9/11/2001

Over at Polipundit, a day after Lorie Byrd remembered the birthday of the Marine Corps, A.K. McClure recalled the debt we still owe our veterans from World War One. As for me, I would like to recall the sort of men we have in our military. Despite claims to the contrary, the men who enlisted in the U.S. military after September 11 were very unlikely to come from poor families, almost all had at least a high school diploma, and the majority of recruits were white (only 14.09% in 2003 were black).

More soldiers come from the Southern states (41% in 2003), citing a family and cultural tradition, but very few from New England, and in general Red States were significantly more likely to have men enlist than Blue States.

The military under President Bush has been deployed fourteen times, as compared to forty-eight deployments under President Clinton, yet the results have been both more controversial and successful under Dubya than under Clinton, largely because forces have been sent in for specific objectives, and not withdrawn prematurely. This has fed a good rapport between the President and the Troops, especially with historic results in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, and Pakistan for troops to show for their pains.

Soldiers are not political by nature, nor do they consciously believe that one party or ideology is automatically superior by nature. But it is obvious who just talks about supporting the troops, especially in the job they are required to do, and who backs it up where it counts.

Thank you gentlemen. May this nation and the government never forget the debt we owe you.

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