Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fair Scores


As some of you know, I like to revisit. every now and then, the question of how the Presidents of the United States compare to each other. It's largely an unrealistic exercise, since the separation in time and conditions from each Administration makes it impossible to truly know how well or poorly one man may have done in another man's place, but it occurs to me (having rolled through the lists compiled up to now) that one significant mistake most pollers make, is that they ask people to say whom they like, and then ask why.

So, I'm turning things around, and beginning this year's review by asking readers to suggest the most important qualities for a President to have and show, and why they are important to the office.

I will begin, by saying that in my opinion the three most important qualities a President must have in order to do his job properly, are:

1. Moral conviction for the future of the nation

2. Understand his opponents, what they want and how they mean to take it

3. Understand his supporters, what they expect and how he plans to deliver

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