Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tribute And A Recommendation

Like many people, I like to listen to music while I work. Unlike many people, I rather like Techno, and have spent years trying to find the best stuff. For my opinion, the best stuff comes from a young man who worked under the name “Techno Kid Torley”, aka Torley Wong. The first piece of his I found was something called “Let’s Just Be Friends”, a brilliant piece of work whether you mean the melody, key, tempo, or how he brings it all together.

That got me hooked, frankly, and ever since I have tried to find his stuff. For some reason, it’s been all but impossible to find in Houston, especially at mainstream music stores. Of course, the other thing about Torley Wong, is that his music, while good enough to charge serious coin to hear, can be heard for free online; hours of full-length songs, of very high quality in composition and performance. The man is a true genius of music.

Sadly, Wong shares another trait in common with a certain musical genius; he is going deaf. Because of hyperacusis Wong can no longer produce the music he loves so much. Yet, as is typical of his character, Wong has chosen to give away his music for anyone to listen, as he writes:

Give it a chance to grow, to take hold, and see what my music means to you. I wish you well in your explorations, and now that I can't hold back, I open up and give this gift to you. In hopes that it will make your days happier, your nights dancier, and your life a little brighter (if I may be so bold). After all, what good is music if it isn't heard?”

“Even if I couldn't hear anymore, I'm grateful that you can

Try some of his stuff. If you like it, as I do, you will be delighted by this gift. And even if you find it not your flavor, still I would ask you to consider the measure of a man, who would work so hard simply to give some joy to others. I have to applaud that!


Conservachef said...

That's quite a bit different than the It's MINE you have to PAY ME a load of money to hear it! mantra that so many musicians chant these days.

smh10 said...


Just visited Wizbang Politics. Need I say more? Yes!

Jeanette said...

Congratulations on the new gig at Wizbang Politics! It's great news to have you, Lorie and AKM together again! Go get em!