Sunday, June 04, 2006

Why Anger Is The Road To Failure

It’s simple really. Angry people do stupid things. And that is very, very true in politics. Remember the last few emotional outbursts? They don’t make the man look too balanced, who commits to a yell, an extreme accusation, or undeserved derision of his colleagues. Remember the Wellstone funeral, where all those Democrats basically broadcast to the nation, 'We Are Unbalanced Idiots'? Call me silly, but I would kind of like to avoid a Republican version of that, you know?

Along those lines, I would also like to remind the good people here, that for the most part the members of the House and Senate got into politics, because they wanted to do some good, make a difference for their state and hometowns. Yes, some got absorbed in the perks and privileges, and some never cared about anything but winning their next term, but in the main, they really do want to do what’s right for America. It’s our job to respect that desire, and to remind them of where their duty lies.


USMC Pilot said...

DJ: Well we finally disagree on something. I honestly believe that most politician, on a national level, are there for financial or ego reasons. Why else would most of them be lawyers? A few good men and women head for Washington, but soon realize how the game is played there, and never come back.

I remember an incident 15 or twenty years ago when a congressman from Connecticut (I think) resigned after only a few weeks, after finding out how things where controlled by just a few politicians.

Anonymous said...

Maybe getting older has made me more cynical but I find it very difficult to believe your premise. I just find it hard to believe that Nancy Pelosi has or ever had an altruistic bone in her body. Who knows why Teddy Kennedy has been in politics so long-maybe a guilty conscience. I agree with usmc on the financial and ego reasons. I remember a newspaper article about Obama. His wife was claiming they were poor. I bet anything that since he was elected to the Senate he has become a very wealthy man.


Anonymous said...

usmc pilot, thanks for challenging "leafy". I had a run in with him and got fed up. I'm military too.

Back on subject, I think a few first time candidates go into politics with honest motives but get sucked in within the first year.

smh10 said...


Not this time. Sorry I can't go along with this one!

When I am asked to respect someone, I feel they must have earned it..Sorry, on neither side of the aisle do I see many who deserve my admiration. Too many vacations, made for TV moments, missed committee meetings, and on the Republican side, too many forfeited chances for real progress.

It was a great feeling I believe for Conservatives to know they gained both houses and the Presidency only to watch so much squandered due to ego and lack of conviction. While Senator Frist may be a very decent individual he certainly has proven himself in many instances to not be a stellar Majority Leader.

I am sure I am not alone in having written many members of both houses on various issues either to receive a form letter never addressing the specifics in my correspondence, or simply no reply at all. I would rather receive an answer totally at odds with my thoughts than some pat save my behind response.

Unlike the President, whom I admire greatly, I see no sense of conviction in Congress, just whatever will win their seat in the next election.

owl said...

I think a lot of them start with good intentions and then they meet a thousand stumbling blocks in greed, influence and power.

When you look at Kennedy/Kerry and yes, Warner/McCain, some of these people have lifetime appointments. They have been there much too long and have to always chase the dollar for the next election. They establish their own little kingdoms but what happens if you put in term limits? You already have a career shadow government that operates the different agencies. Look at State/CIA.

The most honest politician for keeping his word, spending his capital and letting the chips fall where they might has been Bush. I do not want to elect anyone from Congress to the White House. Something bad just happens to those people after a taste of power. Thinking of Collins and her Katrina Hearings.....why that lady loved the camera and chewing Republicans in the hot seat. Power. You didn't see that kind of aggression against the Democrats. We know all their names and what they did and did not do.

So here's a pet peeve...We see a Sensenbrenner make a fool of himself by immediately holding his hearings with a label that says it all. Now he is chairman of that fiasco so I go to his contact page and what do I find......I need to be from his state to send him a message. Same for Hastert. No, Rep are also my leader but you and your fellow cohorts have formed a protection ring around yourselves.

So they stay in power.