Monday, June 03, 2013

Praise for Discount Tire

We live in a world full of cheats and con artists.  It can make a person really cynical, facing a horde of people out to get your money by a range of dishonest and lazy means.  So, when someone stands out for their integrity and work ethic, it's important to recognize them.

I bought my first tire from Discount Tire back in 1986.   I had GoodYear Eagles on my LeSabre, but when a sidewall failed the GoodYear people proved to be thieves and nothing but.   That is, I drove over something on Interstate 10 and the tire went flat with less than a thousand miles on it, and the GY folks offered nothing but said I had to buy a full-price replacement, which I was dumb enough to buy.  Less than a week later, the new tire failed but GY refused to offer anything, which in my book insures I will never say a good thing about their company again, let alone spend money on them.   Anyway, I was low on money and got a tire from Discount Tire.   Less than a week later, one of the remaining Goodyear Eagles failed and went flat, but Discount Tire repaired the flat even though I didn't buy the tire that went flat from them.  That was an early indication of how Discount Tire does business.

Well folks, in the twenty-seven years since then I have bought, by my memory, twelve tires at Discount Tire (on my Buick, then my Dodge, my Honda and my wife's).  I have never yet had a bad experience at Discount Tire, whether it's getting a flat fixed, getting the pressure checked, rotating tires - when all four of my wheels were stolen off my car in 2001, the guys at Discount Tire went all out to help me with inexpensive replacements and to make sure the wheels were balanced and in good order.  These guys know their business, they are fast, hard-working and professional, and I figure I will be buying tires from them for life, and so will my kids.

What makes Discount Tires stand out is not just their prices, or - much as I love them - their service at any one location.  It's that they maintain a very high standard of service at ALL of their locations.   I mean, we all know that service can vary from place to place, so can product quality, and the difference can depend on things like management, training, logistics, or other variables.  So, for a company to consistently deliver a high level of performance, day in and day out at ALL of its locations, is something truly impressive.   It means that EVERY major point is not just covered but reinforced, from the home office down to the guys working the bay.

Well done, gentlemen, and thanks.