Saturday, December 03, 2005



I noticed a comment earlier this week, an out-of-context reference to Orwell’s ‘1984’. As it happens, I was re-reading ‘1984’ this past week, and once again observed that while it is justifiably called a classic, it is such for reasons the Liberals have neither observed, nor are willing to accept.

To refresh the memories of those who have not read ‘1984’ recently, the book focuses on the life on one Winston Smith, citizen of Oceania and outer member of the ‘The Party'. Smith lives on an island called ‘Airstrip One’, though he vaguely recalls it used to be called England. From this perspective, the reader sees a world in black and grey, all of it dirty and defiled, so that by the end of the book it is no wonder that the forces of oppression have won.

Many people have concluded that Orwell was sending a clarion warning of the dangers of Soviet Communism; and he was doing just that. But most people have forgotten that despite being British by citizenship, Orwell was not born there; he was born in Bengal in 1903 under the given name of Eric Blair, and served with the Loyalist forces in the Spanish Civil War. ‘1984’ was written in 1948, just one year before Orwell died from a lung ailment, which may go a distance in explaining his depression and futilism in the novel. Orwell was a Socialist, in that same unrealistic sense that pursues a dream without much notion of how to make it real. In the novel, the Party is opposed by a small, nebulous group which calls itself The Brotherhood, but without any formal roster, chain of command, or political platform. Rather, in my opinion, like those modern-day Socialists who protest everything done, but with so substantial or detailed plan for how to repair the issue. In ‘1984’, Capitalists are only discussed in perjorative and misleading terms, confused by the protagonist and the Party with the worst excesses of the aristocracy. When Winston acquires a copy of the forbidden “Book”, he learns that “the final phase of Capitalism” ended in the 1940s. How convenient, to exclude one of the most formidable positive influences on Society by claiming it was already obsolete. Ironic, that a device either used by Orwell to show the ignorance of the Party or demonstrating his own short-sghtedness, is so reflective of the modern Liberal mindset.

I also found the re-read interesting, because of the theme on War. In ‘1984’, Orwell’s world exists only as three great Super-states: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia, which exist for practical purposes as oligarchies of equal size, strength, and morality. That is to say, a convenient and completely unreasonable assumption of global development, which ignores the culture, social fabric, and historical track of over a hundred-eighty nations. And again it is fascinating to see how this is reflected in the modern Liberal mindset, which considers all nations of equal moral weight, and every culture identical in character to any other. Although the Liberals borrow from another Orwell classic, and insist that Communists and Socialists are ‘more equal’ than others.

But I also re-discovered something I had forgotten before. Orwell explains that the world of The Party and the war is unending; Orwell implies that the future is hopeless, and survival a quixotic illusion. The strongmen came to power and ordinary people have no effective weapon against them; it was strange to me to read the physical description of Big Brother:

the face of a man of about forty-five, with a heavy black mustache and ruggedly handsome features.”

That, and the fact that Big Brother plasters his mug everywhere, sure reminds me of Saddam Hussein. That, and the way that Liberals had and have so many things to say against his enemies.

I’m sure I don’t need to go into a detailed exploration of how ‘Newspeak’ found its way into Liberal Reality; calling Abortion “Choice”; calling suppression or religious expression “Freedom”; and demanding special rights and advantages for selected minority groups but claiming this is done in the name of “Equal Rights”. All of these tell us where Orwell’s ‘Party' went after his death.

It's enough to make me look a Clinton in the eye and ask them how "O'Brien" is doing.

Friday, December 02, 2005



Convicted murderer, gangbanger and Liberal celebrity Stanley Tookie Williams is scheduled to die in California. Not surprisingly, there are many people on his side, including a showcase of successful rappers.

He’s a special guy”, gushed Snoop Dogg. You got that right, Snoop. Williams not only murdered four people in 1979, he was a co-founder of that famous Youth Activities Association known as the “Crips”, whose long history includes murdering young men for the offense of wearing the wrong color or being in the wrong neighborhood, or even for just being in the way.

Governor Schwarzenegger has agreed to meet privately with Williams’ lawyers on December 8. That does not speak well for Justice, or promise solace for the families of Yen-I Yang, Ysai-Shai, Yee-Chen Lin, or Albert Owens.

I notice that no celebrity seems to believe they should speak up for a murdered convenience store clerk, or for a family who did everything he demanded, but whom he killed just to leave no witnesses. Let me be very, very clear: In my book, if you put a shotgun to the head of a little girl and end her life, just because she’s inconvenient, there is nothing, at all, that you can say or do that justifies letting you continue to draw air. These murders were especially brutal and unprovoked. And his career as an entrepreneur of violence and devastated lives only confirms it. Justice demands that Williams receive the fate he earned.

The call is simple, Mr. Governor, but it’s vital you tell California there is a line which cannot be crossed. When you meet with his lawyers, explain to Mr. Williams through them that he will receive as he has dealt, in full measure. No mercy – that was the creed of Williams’ life before he got caught, it should be no different now that he sees his fell resolution come to claim him.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

PFL Week Twelve

Week Twelve Scoreboard

Week Twelve Scoreboard

Eisenhower (12-0) 45, Hayes (5-6) 3
Teddy Roosevelt (12-0) 49, B Harrison (4-8) 3
Washington (12-0) 59, Carter (2-10) 13
George W Bush (11-0) 25, Truman (9-3) 6
Reagan (11-0) 34, Madison (7-5) 13
Monroe (10-1), idle
Jefferson (10-2) 47, Hoover (1-11) 9
FDR (10-2) 42, Arthur (5-7) 9
Grant (9-2) 41, Garfield (2-10) 10
JFK (9-3) 15, Taft (7-4) 6
Polk (9-3) 30, Van Buren (3-8) 12
Cleveland (7-4), idle
Lincoln (8-4) 43, GHW Bush (5-7) 3
John Adams (6-5), idle
John Quincy Adams (6-5), idle
McKinley (6-5), idle
Wilson (7-5) 32, Ford (4-8) 6
Jackson (6-6) 44, Clinton (0-11) 9
Nixon (6-6) 43, Buchanan (0-11) 6
Taylor (6-6) 38, A Johnson (0-11) 3
Tyler (4-8) 21, Pierce (2-9) 9
Coolidge (3-9) 18, Harding (2-9) 16
Fillmore (2-10) W Harrison (2-9) 15
LBJ (1-10), idle

Rankings and Division positions:

Division 2
(1) Washington 12-0
(7) Jefferson 10-2
(14) Cleveland 7-4

Division 3
(2) Teddy Roosevelt 12-0
(9) Grant 9-2

Division 1
(3) Washington 12-0
(6) Monroe 10-1
(11) Polk 9-3

Division 4
(4) George W Bush 11-0
(12) Truman 9-3

Division 5
(5) Reagan 11-0
(13) Lincoln 8-4

Division 6
(8) FDR 10-2
(10) JFK 9-3
(15) Taft 7-4

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Shopping In Hong Kong

Beverly Hills, look out!

Hong Kong has changed from its conversion under British Rule to control by Mainland China. But it has more shopping malls than any place I have ever seen.

There are the normal clothing and electronics and entertainment places, as you'd expect. But the jewelry stores sell things you literally cannot find in the United States, and the cultural mix is totally unique. It's very strange to see so many people who look utterly foreign, but upon sight of an obvious American, they become a completely different person, as if they have studied the idioms and manners of Americans, to put us at ease. The store windows almost all had advertisements in English, making it clear to me at least where the hoped to get their best business. Of course, Hong Kong's legacy is such that many of the locals speak with what sound surprisingly like an Eton accent. I already knew about the British influence, but it's the American influence which now permeates the malls. I almost expected the U.S. Embassy to be set in a mall, given the atmosphere.

I was warned early on by my wife, not to do any buying, or even to speak. This is because my wife is convinced that on sight of an American, the price goes up. Or more likely, since the price is often posted, someone who speaks Cantonese and looks it as well can haggle, where an American is expected to pay the full price. After all, we're all rich, right?

I was pleased and displeased to notice certain aspects of the Hong Kong culture. As an American, I was more or less excused for my large waist; Americans are expected to be fat, even if that is not a flattering image. But Asians, and Hong Kong especially, have completely unrealistic expectations for their body types, and I found myself sympathetic more than once to an overweight boy or girl, who was openly taunted for their weight by other children. I know from some discussions that such ridicule is a lifelong ordeal for heavy Asians, especially in professional positions. On the other hand, I was pleased to observe that racism is largely unknown in Hong Kong. That is, while Cantonese take a provincial pride in their culture, individuals from other nations and cultures are welcome and generally treated with respect and open minds. This was a pleasant change from Tokyo, where Nisei abuse of other nationalities, especially Koreans, is both common and malicious.

I found myself once again dismayed at how poorly Americans manage mass transit, when I saw how efficient the Hong Kong bus system is. It may not be the best in the region, and certainly not in the world, but it was surprisingly easy to get places in Hong Kong by bus, especially compared to Houston, where only the Park n' Ride system works well. I'm not picking on the Metro drivers, please understand, but the lack of coordination to make it possible for the ordinary person to commute, shop, and get around where they need to be without owning or renting a car.

The weather so far has been very much like Houston, warm and very nice in the afternoons, with just a little less humidity, if a little cool in the mornings. On the other hand, the water in Hong Kong, well, let's just say it inspires the bottled drink industry.

PFL, Weeks Ten and Eleven


Week Ten Scoreboard

George W Bush (9-0), idle
Eisenhower (10-0) 44, Nixon (5-5) 3
Reagan (9-0), idle
Teddy Roosevelt (10-0) 37, Grant (8-2) 0
Washington (10-0) 65, A Johnson (0-10) 3
Monroe (9-1) 64, Carter (2-8) 0
Jefferson (8-2) 64, Buchanan (0-10) 0
FDR (8-2) 57, Pierce (2-8) 3
Truman (8-2) 50, Fillmore (1-9) 9
JFK (7-3) 41, Tyler (3-7) 12
Polk (7-3) 45, Taylor (5-5) 6
Taft (6-3) idle
John Adams (6-4) 35, GHW Bush (5-5) 16
Cleveland (6-4) 25, Hoover (1-9) 9
Hayes (5-4) idle
Lincoln (6-4) 56, Harding (2-8) 3
Madison (6-4) 47, Coolidge (2-8) 0
McKinley (6-4) 38, Ford (4-6) 6
JQ Adams (5-5) 18, B Harrison (4-6) 12
Arthur (5-5) 27, LBJ (1-9) 13
Wilson (5-5) 44, W Harrison (2-8) 9
Jackson (4-6) 30, Garfield (2-8) 7
Van Buren (3-6) idle
Clinton (0-9) idle

Week Eleven Scoreboard

Eisenhower (11-0) 62, Hoover (1-10) 0
Teddy Roosevelt (11-0) 53, Garfield (2-9) 9
Washington (11-0) 56, Taylor (5-6) 7
George W Bush (10-0) 27, McKinley (6-5) 6
Reagan (10-0) 35, John Adams (6-5) 19
Monroe (10-1) 38, Van Buren (3-7) 6
Grant (8-2) idle
Jefferson (9-2) 46, Nixon (5-6) 9
FDR (9-2) 49, Tyler (3-8) 0
Truman (9-2) 48, Ford (4-7) 3
JFK (8-3) 38, Arthur (5-6) 6
Polk (8-3) 48, Carter (2-9) 3
Taft (7-3) 28, LBJ (1-10) 3
Cleveland (7-4) 19, Hayes (5-5) 15
Lincoln (7-4) 48, Coolidge (2-9) 3
Madison (7-4) 24, GHW Bush (5-6) 13
JQ Adams (6-5) 39, Clinton (0-10) 19
Wilson (6-5) 45, Fillmore (1-10) 6
Jackson (5-6) 15, B Harrison (4-7) 12 (OT)
Harding (2-8), idle
W Harrison (2-8), idle
Pierce (2-8), idle
Buchanan (0-10), idle
A Johnson (0-10), idle

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Immigration Hesitation


Well, someone on Team Obvious finally got through to Dubs, and convinced him to repackage his Immigration Reform plans. Good thing too. The original version took a basically good plan, and sent it out with all the enthusiasm of going to the prom with your mother. Not that the new version has received the support it deserves, nor much attention at all.

The MSM, as usual, has it wrong, suggesting across the board that Bush is pushing his plan to advance his political position. Since he’s not running for office again, and has shown no real concern about what the push polls say anyway, I find that hard to believe. But unfortunately, far too many people with an opinion on the issue of Immigration and Border Security have been unwilling to even give a hearnig to any proposal that does not already line up with their demands 100 percent. That, in a nutshell, is why the Congress has been unwilling to step in and so the heavy lifting on this issue.

According to the President, more than four and a half million people have been intercepted at the border since 2001, but loopholes in the law have prevented their incarceration or deportation for the most part.

Bush’s plan has specific tools, and if nothing else, should be considered for them. The DHS units at the border would get access to the Predator drones, satellite imagery, increased budget and staffing, and inter-agency cooperation. A key clue into how serious Bush takes the issue of border security, is the significant involvement of DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff in specific planning and resource requisition.

In discussing the demographics of illegals entering the United States, President Bush noted that about 350,000 of the 4.5 million intercepted since 2001 had criminal records. This is a hard number which represents the greatest threat; while we can argue about the threat to the Economy posed by millions of illegal aliens, the far greater threat is represented by men known by their records to be armed lawbreakers, and if terrorists wished to smuggle men or weapons into the United States, these men would be their natural mercenaries. Job One is to better organize the capture and disposition of criminals entering the country, and to shut down networks of human trafficking. This would immediately improve the security of the borders, and make it that much harder for illegals to find help entering the country, and less attractive as a course of action.

The plan essentially has three critical areas of attention:

1. Improve border security to detect and intercept dangerous and criminal entrants.

2. The Congress must pass laws to close loopholes allowing captured aliens to simply walk out of custody, and to make it unpalatable for businesses to knowingly hire illegal workers.

3. The aliens already in this country illegally must be offered a plan which will make it appealing for them to become legitimate citizens, while pursuing, capturing, and deporting any illegal.

The first two parts should be obvious, but many have criticized the third, claiming it is a sort of ‘Amnesty’. Not at all. The problem, as should be obvious, is that America is a land where people do not expect to have to carry papers everywhere to prove they can be allowed there. Once someone has crossed the border, it’s a lot harder to catch them. And, given the poor laws on the books and the way local departments have not often been able to keep custody of illegals they catch, as well as businesses all too willing to turn a blind eye to hiring illegals, most illegals will be able to stay out of sight for a very long time, unless they decide it is in their interest to come forward and declare themselves. That takes both a stick, and a carrot.

The “Guest Worker” program works like this: An illegal alien would apply to be a Guest Worker. To do this, they would have to prove they had no criminal record in their country of origin, satisfy the DHS that they had committed no crime in the United States besides entering and remaining here, provide traceable information, like fingerprints, photographs, and a DNA sample, and swear to abide by the terms of the Guest Worker program. If approved, they would be allowed to work in the United States for one, three, or six years, after which time they would be required to leave the United States and return to their home country. If they wished to become a United States citizen, they would begin the process the same way as anyone else; the Guest Worker program is not designed to give any sort of advantage in gaining citizenship to anyone here illegally in the first place.

The carrot is obvious; legal residency, including the right to legal protection by the police, nominal civil services, and the freedom to work without fear of arrest for being here illegally during the time and terms of the program. The stick is, that ‘one strike’ would get you deported immediately, and the DHS would already know how to find you. Also, a key component of the program is to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. I have already discussed the criminal element, who often live in barrio communities because they know the people are afraid to contact the police; indeed there is no reason for them to want the police there. This program provides for people who want to be law-abiding, to do so, and takes away protection for many criminals, since even one ‘Guest Worker’ in a community means the criminal cannot count on silence anymore. Also, there are illegals who do not want to become U.S. citizens, but simply to work here for the money. This program roots them out, but providing a way to tell who basically is willing to play by the rules if they get another chance, and those who don’t care anyway. It relieves pressure from trying to resolve the issue of all the illegal immigrants, by focusing on the most dangerous and the most uncooperative elements directly. Thus, the program is a distinct winner, if it gets the support it deserves.

Now, some will look at this and remain unsatisfied. Good. No one is saying this is the last step, or even the middle, in addressing the issue. This program will help secure our borders and give options to the people most likely to work with the government. A long-term solution will be difficult, not least because it will require a much more common-sense approach to minimum-wage laws and similar red tape which drive small businesses to the point of rebellion. It will take minorities realizing that the difference between a citizen who obeys the law and an illegal who gains unfairly, is far greater than the difference in skin color or culture. And it will take honest consideration of small step measures, accepting short progress on the way to longer, better, results.

PFL, Weeks Eight and Nine


Week Eight Scoreboard

George W Bush (8-0) 56, Ford (3-5) 3
Eisenhower (8-0) 70, Buchanan (0-8) 6
Reagan (8-0) 53, GHW Bush (4-4) 3
Teddy Roosevelt (8-0) 18, Jefferson (6-2) 9
Washington (8-0) 34, Wilson (4-4) 13
Grant (7-1) 24, Jackson (3-5) 12
Monroe (7-1) 50, Taylor (4-4) 3
FDR (7-1) 18, Lincoln (5-3) 16
Truman (7-1) 51, W Harrison (1-7) 6
JFK (6-2) 48, Pierce (1-6) 9
Taft (5-3) 28, Arthur (4-4) 9
Cleveland (5-3) 26, Nixon (4-4) 25
Hayes (5-3) 29, Hoover (1-7) 15
Polk (5-3) 66, A Johnson (0-8) 3
John Adams (4-4) 40, Coolidge (1-7) 3
John Quincy Adams (4-4) 31, Garfield (2-6) 6
B Harrison (4-4) 38, Clinton (0-8) 15
Madison (4-4) 57, Harding (2-6) 16
McKinley (4-4) 44, Fillmore (1-7) 6
Tyler (3-5) 22, LBJ (1-7) 19
Van Buren (3-5) 21, Carter (1-7) 15

Week Nine Scoreboard

George W Bush (9-0) 50, Hayes (5-4) 0
Eisenhower (9-0) 25, Truman (7-2) 9
Reagan (9-0) 62, Clinton (0-9) 0
Teddy Roosevelt (9-0) 18, Lincoln (5-4) 9
Washington (9-0) 28, FDR (7-2) 10
Grant (8-1) 47, Harding (2-7) 16
Monroe (8-1) 56, LBJ (1-8) 6
Jefferson (7-2) 28, Wilson (4-5) 12
Polk (6-3) 25, JFK (6-3) 9
McKinley (5-4) 28, Cleveland (5-4) 10
Taft (6-3) 19, Van Buren (3-6) 18
John Adams (5-4) 32, JQ Adams (4-5) 12
Carter (2-7) 21, Arthur (4-5) 12
GHW Bush (5-4) 21, B Harrison (4-5) 9
Madison (5-4) 30, Jackson (3-6) 10
Nixon (5-4) 38, Fillmore (1-8) 23
Taylor (5-4) 19, Tyler (3-6) 12
Ford (4-5) 18, Hoover (1-8) 15
Coolidge (2-7) 18, Garfield (2-7) 15 (OT)
W Harrison (2-7) 12, Buchanan (0-9) 9
Pierce (2-7) 21, A Johnson (0-9) 13

Monday, November 28, 2005

PFL, Weeks Six and Seven

... still catching up, halfway there ...

Week Six Scoreboard

George W Bush (6-0) 61, W Harrison (1-5) 10
Eisenhower (6-0) 46, Jackson (3-3) 0
Jefferson (6-0) 42, Cleveland (3-3) 0
Washington (6-0) 32, Monroe (5-1) 17
Reagan (6-0) 65, Harding (2-4) 6
T Roosevelt (6-0) 40, JQ Adams (3-3) 6
Grant (5-1) 44, Clinton (0-6) 10
Kennedy (5-1) 24, Madison (3-3) 22
Truman (5-1) 21, Polk (4-2) 19
FDR (5-1) 43, LBJ (0-6) 12
Arthur (4-2) 24, Tyler (2-4) 9
Lincoln (4-2) 24, J Adams (2-4) 18
Nixon (4-2) 32, Hoover (1-5) 15
Taylor (4-2) 21, Carter (1-5) 18 (OT)
Wilson (4-2) 21, McKinley (2-4) 18 (OT)
GHW Bush (3-3) 27, Coolidge (1-5) 6
Hayes (3-3) 36, Buchanan (0-6) 9
Taft (3-3) 40, Pierce (1-5) 3
Ford (2-4) 18, Fillmore (1-5) 15
B Harrison (2-4) 24, Garfield (1-5) 12
Van Buren (1-5) 40, A Johnson (0-6) 12

Week Seven Scoreboard

George W Bush (7-0) 67, Fillmore (1-6) 0
Eisenhower (7-0) 28, Jefferson (6-1) 9
Reagan (7-0) 65, Coolidge (1-6) 0
Teddy Roosevelt (7-0) 46, Jackson (3-4) 6
Washington (7-0) 28, Polk (4-3) 20
Grant (6-1) 24, JQ Adams (3-4) 12
FDR (6-1) 24, JFK (5-2) 12
Monroe (6-1) 65, A Johnson (0-7) 3
Truman (6-1) 22, Wilson (4-3) 7
GHW Bush (4-3) 21, Arthur (4-3) 12
Lincoln (5-2) 21, Madison (3-4) 12
Hayes (4-3) 22, Nixon (4-3) 15
Van Buren (2-5) 28, Taylor (4-3) 6
Cleveland (4-3) 41, Buchanan (0-7) 6
Taft (4-3) 31, Tyler (2-5) 12
John Adams (3-4) 54, Harding (2-5) 12
Ford (3-4) 12, Carter (1-6) 9 (OT)
B Harrison (3-4) 22, Hoover (1-6) 9
McKinley (3-4) 55, W Harrison (1-6) 6
Garfield (2-5) 34, Clinton (0-7) 9
LBJ (1-6) 24, Pierce (1-6) 12

Monday From Abroad


The United States looks different from abroad, especially from such a remote locale as the Kowloon Bay in Hong Kong. It’s something less than an exotic adventure, however, when you try to find out whether those mushrooms you bought at $38 a pound, canlegally be brought into the United States. The U.S. Customs web site (which can be brought up online in Hong Kong) directs you to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which for some reason was blocked the first two times I tried to reach it. Apparently, American corn is considered a subversive influence.

In a way, I should have anticipated this. With the scare about Avian flu reaching a fever pitch wherever it is discussed, broad measures against contagion would be reasonable, but over-reaction has also happened. It should also be noted, that Hong Kong is as worried as anyone about keeping the Avian flu out. Two years ago, Hong Kong was hit with SARS just as badly as most Chinese coastal cities, and the island was panic-struck. This time, they are taking no chances, and that means tight restrictions as well on what comes into Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has a well-deserved reputation for fine tailoring. Unfortunately, most men in Hong Kong are not, ahem, my size, which is to say that unless I wanted to pay a premium price, the off-the-rack selection was quite limited. The electronics selections were truly impressive, but not a necessity, nor in my range of income. It is fascinating, a la Dick Tracy, to find that you really can buy a wrist-TV, complete with cellular transmission features, so that you can call your friend in New York to tell them about this great show in Tokyo you just saw, while you stand in Hong Kong. Amazing.

By the way, and I guess I will find out shortly if this is something I should be posting, but you can read Polipundit from Hong Kong. I’ve tried to be safe though,and have been bouncing my posts in via a Houston server. Last thing I need is for my wife’s mom to get in trouble for me writing about American politics!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

PFL Weeks Four and Five

[ hut hut ]

Week Four Scoreboard

George W Bush (4-0) 22, Truman (3-1) 9
Eisenhower (4-0) 48, Hayes (2-2) 0
Jefferson (4-0) 56, Hoover (0-4) 3
Monroe (4-0) 34, McKinley (2-2) 12
Polk (4-0) 33, Van Buren (0-4) 9
Reagan (4-0) 44, Madison (2-2) 3
T Roosevelt (4-0) 46, B Harrison (1-3) 6
Washington (4-0) 69, Carter (0-4) 3
Cleveland (3-1) 21, JQ Adams (2-2) 18 (OT)
FDR 45 (3-1), Arthur (2-2) 6
Grant (3-1) 38, Garfield (1-3) 13
Coolidge (1-3) 31, Harding (2-2) 13
Jackson (3-1) 34, Clinton (0-4) 19
JFK 18 (3-1), Taft (2-2) 3
Lincoln (3-1) 37, GHW Bush (1-3) 9
Wilson (3-1) 35, Ford (0-4) 3
J Adams (2-2) 41, LBJ (0-4) 13
Fillmore (1-3) 24, W Harrison (1-3) 18
Nixon (2-2) 40, Buchanan (0-4) 15
Tyler (1-3) 18, Pierce (1-3) 12
Taylor (2-2) 35, A Johnson (0-4) 6

Week Five Scoreboard

George W Bush (5-0) 34, Wilson (3-2) 0
Eisenhower (5-0) 40, Cleveland (3-2) 6
Jefferson (5-0) 38, Hayes (2-3) 6
Monroe (5-0) 18, Polk (4-1) 12
Reagan (5-0) 22, Lincoln (3-2) 15
T Roosevelt (5-0) 65, Clinton (0-5) 6
Washington (5-0) 45, Van Buren (0-5) 13
Grant (4-1) 27, B Harrison (1-4) 12
JQ Adams (3-2) 18, Jackson (3-2) 12
Kennedy (4-1) 38, LBJ (0-5) 3
FDR (4-1) 27, Taft (2-3) 12
Truman (4-1) 24, McKinley (2-3) 16
Madison (3-2) 25, J Adams (2-3) 22
Arthur (3-2) 22, Pierce (1-4) 3
GHW Bush (2-3) 40, Harding (2-3) 7
Nixon (3-2) 32, Garfield (1-4) 19
Taylor (3-2) 24, Fillmore (1-4) 9
Tyler (2-3) 21, Coolidge (1-4) 15
Ford (1-4) 30, W Harrison (1-4) 15
Hoover (1-4) 33, Buchanan (0-5) 12
Carter (1-4) 30, A Johnson (0-5) 9