Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Perils of Polipundit

In a way, I could also reasonably title this 'The Price of Success'.

Many of my readers know that I am one of the bloggers privileged to post articles at Polipundit. These fine people will likely also know, that Polipundit got crashed Thursday night, due to heavy traffic the host service was unable to handle. But there is more to the story, than a sudden jump in traffic.

A few weeks back, Polipundit (the man who created the site and runs the place overall, I'll call him Mr. P from this point on) discovered that traffic was growing too great for the original site and servers. So he asked around, and trusting the promises of one host company, hired them to supply the servers to his site. So, Mr. P. was acting with careful planning, to avoid crashes and slow service. Unfortunately, the host company proved to be less than honest about their ability or diligence, and Tuesday we had a crash. Mr. P. agreed to pay quite a bit more money for dedicated servers, and the host company promised we would have them in 24-48 hours. If they had kept this promise, Polipundit would have had dedicated servers running at full-speed before the First Debate began. Instead, the host company, for whatever reason, failed to keep this promise, and when Polipundit was linked-to by InstaPundit, Andrew Sullivan, Mickey Kaus and Daily Kos at nearly the same time, we went down and out.

Because of the small, remote, teeny possibility that the host company is somehow something better than the dishonest, conniving, thieving crew of con artists they appear to be, I will not publish the name of the offending company - yet, that is. If Mr. P gives me the go-ahead, or I am absolutely convinced of their guilt, I will shout out their name as a public service.

At the least, you now know why Polipundit has been silent for the better part of three days. It is not the result of a conspiracy, excepting the lies told by the host company, and we will be back up as quickly as we can find a host which keeps its promises.

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