Tuesday, October 05, 2004

An Unusual Idea

Way back in February, President Bush made an appearance on "Meet The Press". At the time, it was not considered his best performance. It looked hesitant, sort of unsure, and the Democrats cackled. The thing is, though, Bush stayed OK in the polls, in part because his numbers with women went up enough to make up for his drop in support with men.

It hit me tonight, that Bush looked and sounded in the first Debate, a lot like he did in that 'MTP' appearance. It also occurred to me, that Rove and the Campaign staff are smart, and generally know what they are doing. Is it possible, that Bush did what he did on purpose?

Crazy? Maybe. But while a couple polls say Bush's numbers are down with men, every poll I see out with Internals, says Bush is up with women. Huh, just like February.


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