Thursday, June 15, 2006

Clue, Lesson One – Don’t Side With The Enemy, Especially In Public

The Republicans have truly become the governing party of the United States. I was reluctant to claim this, since the majority was so recently minted, in historical terms, and especially since the GOP continues to repeat some habitual behavior they learned while in the electoral wilderness. But the party which calls itself the Democratic Party – being almost nothing like the party of Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland, or Franklin Roosevelt, I cannot agree that they are actually that party in fact – has resigned every signal of its former authority and dignity.

I was struck by the actual results from the 2004 Presidential Election – the Democrats had attacked President Bush on every front possible, they had the myth of the failing economy working for them, along with the much-vaunted “party fatigue”, which in plain English means that voters don’t like leaders who ask them to make sacrifices, unless they are charismatic and eloquent. Yet for all of that, Dubs won his re-election by three million votes. Some of that was a determined support for the President in time of war, but also because John Kerry made it abundantly clear that he was cheering for the wrong side.

Rather than consider the lesson, however, Democrats have redoubled their efforts to defame our military and its Commander-In-Chief, to cast doubt on America’s history and its intentions towards the world at large, and to impugn the character of our major businesses and blame us for our success. Just look at the website for the Democratic Party.

It should have been obvious, selecting Stacie Paxton, speaking as the official voice of the Democrats, claimed yesterday that “Americans are tired of Republicans acting as if the rules don't apply to them. The Bush White House's arrogance and partisan tactics have divided our country. Democrats remain committed to open and honest government.” The problem with those statements is that they lie about Republicans as a party, they pretend that Democrats have been and are morally superior in their deeds and statements, and they ignore more than a few Democrats implicated in political and criminal actions.

I thought about citing how many elected Democrats have been indicted or at least arrested for their crimes compared with Republicans, but that’s not the point, and in any case I do not believe in excusing anyone for crimes, simply because the “other guy” was worse. It should be noted however, that when DeLay was indicted by a paranoid hack of a DA in Austin, he resigned his seat, while Democrats like Harry Reid (who has been very closely connected to the Abramoff scandal), Cynthia “Punchy” McKinney, and William “Freezer” Jefferson refuse to accept any sort of consequences for their own adventures in arrogance. Spare me the soap, donkeys.

Murtha, on no evidence, accuses Marines of mass murder. Dean and Kerry want us to cut and run from the war. Pelosi accuses the Republican Party of a “Culture of Corruption”, again with nothing but noise behind the charge and in ignorance of history; after all, it was Gore who went trick-or-treating at Buddhist temples for under-the-table campaign money from Beijing, not a Republican.

Despite the Democrats’ fondest hopes, this is not 1974, and with the Blogosphere, the snow job won’t work this time. The Republicans may not be doing a very good job as the Governing Party, but the Democrats have made it clear they will not accept the role anymore. Once has to be an adult to take on the job, after all.


Mark L said...

There is an old joke about two guys camping in a tent, when they hear a grizzly bear outside. One of the campers starts putting on his sneakers. The other one whispers, "You fool! You can't outrun a grizzly." The first one replies, "That's OK. I only have to outrun you."

That's the position the Republicans are in today. They do not have to outrun the bear -- only the Democrats. And That's. Not. Hard.

Anonymous said...

Well stated Mr. Drummond...

It is amazing, Democrats actually expressed some mindless conception, the World would have been better off with Saddam's Dictatorship.

Even more amazing to see the Democrat Liberals actually undermining the fine efforts of the USA, for their political gain...

Truly sad, and it doesn't make any sense, especially because it drives everyone away.

Remember Durbin equating the fine Men and Women US ARMED FORCES to Nazis?

On another note, seems a Democrat Mayor from Atlanta Mr. Bill Campbell, will be going to prison for two and a half years...

Wonder if Nancy Pelosi will mention this at her next Press Conference.

Steve Falcon said...

DJ, AWESOME article! I liked it some much I've linked to it at Hang Right Politics.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Kathy said...

DJ Drummond at his finest. Another great article DJ!

(I like Mark's comment, too.)

Dems are going to spend a lot more time in the wilderness until they accept that judicial fiat is not the way to govern in a democracy.