Saturday, June 17, 2006

Must Read About the Duke Rape Case

LaShawn Barber pointed readers to a “must-read” rebuke of Duke President Richard Broadhead by a prominent alumnus.

Randall Drain’s open letter is rational and compelling, two things the prosecutor’s case and the University’s actions cannot claim.

I do differ with Ms. Barber on one point; as Mr. Drain made clear, Race is hardly a relevant element in this case, nor its discussion. Therefore, there is no valid purpose in describing Drain as a “black Duke alum”.


Betty Friedan said...

His blog is one of the most popular and best blogs. He is fair minded and not afraid to let others voice opinions that differ from his. Many blogs edit posts, eliminate posts, or just plain ignore posts that don't sing to their chior.

Thus his blog makes for good read.

Ever since every sexist and racist group descended onto Duke to publicly condemn these boys, I went into over drive trying to make people consider that these boys wouldn't have submitted to DNA testing if they were guilty, but since the 1st DNA evidence came back, I became more persistent and met equally persistent feminist (i.e. feministing, Rachael’s Tavern, Alas a blog, Tennessee Guerrilla Women, Justice4Sisters, Hazel8500 etc...) who adamantly insist these boys are guilty for no other reason than because a "woman" (i.e. the stripper) claims it so.

I've noticed since then that most of feminist blogs have fallen silent as new evidence suggests that the stripper's claim to be false.

However, just when you think this case hit rock bottom, there’s about 50 feet of crap, then you find a sub-basement where in the corner Mike Nifong is hunched over clutching this dead case like “Gulum” (movie: Lord of the Rings) clutches the “ring of power”.

A great place to view that unbiased facts is:

“If Mike Nifong doesn't get disbarred after this, then there really is a corrupt system in Durham that protects rich white guys. In Nifong's case - stupid rich white guys with transparent political agendas.”

JAINPHX said...

Wait a minute, race is a component in the case of the Duke Admin. Why do you suppose they flew off the handle when this case first was reported.IMHO that there was a white, minority, factor involved was the reason Duke went off the deep end.They ruined the lifes and character of people who may be completely innocent,for that there is no forgivness.

Betty Friedan said...

The only people who promoted race issues were Mike Nifong, the NAACP, Je$$ie Jack$on, The New Black Pnthers, Geraldo Rivera, NCCU, there were alot of people promoting this idea!

I guess I agree. False claims of rape by a black stripper against innocent white boys should be treated as a hate crime.

I hope she gets life.

Anonymous said...

I love cherry pie, but I don't like cherry picking. Some people are trying to claim that the defense attorneys are cherry picking, but I don’t see it.

Much of the information Mike Nifong leaked wasn't so much cherry picked as it was artificially made by him personally (i.e. date rape drug, his reasoning of no DNA match, etc...).

Maybe Nifong is just clumsy and trying to make a pie, which would explain why he has egg on his face.

betty said...

This whole false rape claim thing is exhausting. I'm taking a break until morning, so until then...

Funny story

I was discussing the Duke Rape claim on this feminist blog site, and this woman was claiming it’s all about women enduring the pains of oppression like she having to shave her pubes before putting on her bikini to ride her bike at the beach, the resulting stubble irritates her skin which is all a part of being forced to live in a patriarchal society of rape and female oppression.

I told “Ms Kate” if you don’t want to shave your thick pubes, then don’t! It’s as simple as that! Just comb a part in it to not confuse any birds trying to fly in! Sheesh! You claiming an oppressive patriarchal society is forcing you to shave your pubes? You’re oppressing yourself!